Bridgerton, Great Show…But Problematic

If you haven’t watched the entire season of Bridgerton, STOP READING IMMEDIATELY…watch it, then come back to me, but if you don’t mind spoilers, you may proceed (also trigger warning, I will be talking about rape). Bridgerton is an amazingly horrible show; amazing to make fun of, but the characters, and many of their actions, were horrible. My roommate and I watched the entire first season in one sitting and finished it at 6:30am. If you haven’t watched the show, here’s a general recap.

Like I said, great show, BUT I have a major issue with Daphne forcing Simon to have a child…why hasn’t the media covered this? People were quick to jump on another Netflix show, Ginny and Georgia, about their Taylor Swift joke (which also wasn’t cool). But they just missed how messed up Daphne’s behavior is in Bridgerton???

Throughout the season, Simon makes it clear that he can’t have children (note: CAN’T vs not want), while Daphne’s dream is the opposite. They end up getting married, even though, Daphne is extremely naïve to sex and how children are made (but still wants them). Her entire life, she was only taught how to be the “perfect” trophy wife and debutante. When she learns about sex and how babies are made, Daphnes rapes Simon during sex, forcing him to ejaculate. Realizing that Simon does not WANT children versus not being ABLE to, she becomes infuriated with him and starts starts snooping around and guilt trips him to have children.

So, tell me when it was acceptable to harass anyone about their choice, whether or not they want to have children? Whether the person cannot have or does not want children is nor here or there…the main idea is that the person does not see themselves having children, end of story. Daphne meddling in Simon’s life, I thought, was a complete invasion of privacy. Instead of waiting for Simon to tell his story in his own time, Daphne found out by looking through his childhood home and then emotionally blackmailed him to tell his tragic life story…talk about a double standard.

If the roles had been reversed there would have been news coverage about the backlash Netflix would have gotten if Simon “child shamed” Daphne. But since it’s a woman guilt tripping a man, I guess it’s going unnoticed? The idea of having a child should be a mutual agreement between both parties, and I think it’s messed up how no one is talking about it. This show is very popular right now, and for a good reason, the diversity of the characters *chef kiss*, the main male character, a hottie, and Lady Whistleblower is everything (literally). 

Main couple: Daphne and Simon

Although even if Bridgerton is an amazingly horrible show we need to keep in mind that men also can go through the pressures of society that say they should have/need kids. Both men and women go through societal pressure that tells us what we should/should not do and how we are supposed to live our lives. I think Brigderton is a great opportunity to start that dialogue about the other side of feminism and include more discussion about how men can also be cornered due to society’s expectations. Comment below other societal pressures that affect men…until next time I expect everyone to watch Bridgerton and thank me later 😉

4 thoughts on “Bridgerton, Great Show…But Problematic

  1. I am glad you brought this up! It is very interesting the roles reversed in this show and how it was a woman that was taking advantage of a man. I only watched a few episodes of this show before I realized I did not enjoy the gender roles and other uncomfortable scenes within this show.


    1. There were SOOO many uncomfortable scene both my roommate and I were so surprised about the amount of sex they showed especially at the beginning episodes, by the time we were almost done with the season we were basically desensitized to it. But it is a little much and without a warning beforehand about how much it is, it will catch anyone off guard.


  2. I’m super glad you brought this up, because so many people would not have realized how bad this scene was. When I first watched it, it took me a minute to fully comprehend that it was rape. And this is an issue, because the narrative surrounding who can be raped is pretty much solely focused on women. But there are male victims too. Pointing this out and holding the show accountable for not uplifting a rape scene is good.


  3. I think this is so good to keep people accountable, rape is never okay. You make an excellent point that if the roles were reversed it would be all over the news . I remember watching that scene and being shocked that it was so casual, no one had made a fuss at all.


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