Truth of the Native Tongue

Hi friends! This week’s post is inspired by a lot of reflecting I’ve done recently. Last week was Thanksgiving and in the spirit of that I would like to send a message of love and support for Indigenous peoples. If you aren’t aware of the truth behind the real first Thanksgiving I’d recommend checking out the […]

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The Yemen Crisis

Right now, in Yemen, there is a huge crisis going on. The people are facing severe consequences and it is causing deaths across the country from several different devastations. This crisis, as stated, is causing deaths among so many people, making this a massive humanitarian issue, feeding on the most venerable and oppressed people in […]

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How To Love Slap

What’s up my friends?! In my previous post, I discussed the idea of the “love slap.” To me, the love slap comes from a place of deep care for the issue at hand, whether that be sexual assault, racism, sexism, poverty, etc. Now I realize that a slap is generally seen as a violent action, […]

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