#QuickHit: Using Feminism to Leverage Marketing Strategies

Is there a tension in using your purchasing power to buy your feminism?  Check out this article to find out what researchers are saying.  Below is a fascinating snippet from the post: Examples of “radically literal feminism” and “sexism-positive feminism” include GoDaddy’s Superbowl commercial, which features a female bodybuilder, and Snickers’ complimentary harassment commercial, respectively. Some beauty […]

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Sunday Night Spotlight

As out semester draws to a close, be sure to tune in for our last spotlight “hoorah.” As a fan of Audrey Hepburn, YourKnightinShiningTutu loved reading this article about her “hidden feminism” and how she actually did stand for more than simply style and fashion and implores you to likewise give this article on “The […]

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Quick Hit : Animated Short on Gender Recognition

Identity is important. Each of us as individuals, yearn to be recognized as a  valuable part of society. We identify ourselves through our values, beliefs, and attitudes. Personally, I identify myself as female, a feminist, Duke Dog, and pug enthusiast. Society, however, tends to focus solely on categorizing our identities by our race, gender, or economical status.  Unfortunately, […]

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My Last Post

Graduation is just around the corner and for a senior like me that means the end of a lot of things, including the last time I will be posting as an official member on ShoutOut!  The experiences and people I have met through this class/group has completely changed who I am and how I see […]

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