Winter Hiatus

Hello, lovely readers! I bet you’re wondering where your daily dose of feminist critique has gone.  Well, it’s our winter hiatus where we recharge those feminist batteries at home with friends and family so that we can come back better than ever next semester.  

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Oxford Dictionaries has proclaimed the word of the year to be “selfies”. Selfies, or photos taken of the self usually on a cellphone for those who live under a rock, have taken over social media and are especially prevalent among women. Feminist blogs have been buzzing this week over whether selfies are empowering for women […]

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Assuming Sexuality

Today I want to tell you the story about two individuals who started out as really good friends but ended up hating each other because of miscommunication and societal assumptions. Let me set the scene for you….

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Forget Glamour Hand Me Bitch

Once I grew into my feminism I realized that the magazines that I consumed (Glamour, Cosmo, Lucky) were anything but promoting my ideals of how women should be seen and treated.  Yet, I still wanted my magazines something quick and simple to read while taking some personal time.  So, what is a social conscious feminist […]

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