Guide to Being a #GIRLBOSS

I want to take this week as an opportunity to talk about one of my favorite books, #GIRLBOSS. #GIRLBOSS is an inspiring and insightful book written by Sophia Amoruso, the founder and owner of Nasty Gal, a clothing company valued at $250+ million dollars that Amoruso built from the ground up!  Amoruso released her book, #GIRLBOSS, […]

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Dear World #DearJMU

When I was in fifth grade my mother sat me down beside her on our couch. She proceeded to explain to me that her sister, my aunt, had been diagnosed with cancer. My young, carefree spirit was no match for that melancholic word. Cancer. I could hear the despair in my mom’s voice. My family […]

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Make Up: Cake it on if You Wanna

What’s up fellow feminists! Last week we heard some great insights about the intersection of environmental and gender justice from the ever poignant, southernantibelle. Cosmetics laced with dangerous chemicals, “self-regulating” cosmetic companies, CHEMICAL CONCIOUSNESS. Lots of good stuff. If you haven’t already checked it out I highly encourage you to click on that fresh hyperlink! 10 […]

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Feminism and Islam: Not Mutually Exclusive

This past Tuesday, I attended an important lecture from speaker and activist, Amer F. Ahmed titled, “Addressing Islamophobia: Dispelling Myths to Break Down Barriers.” Amer provided basic information about Islam and then addressed many of the major myths surrounding the religion. I don’t believe that anyone should have to defend their religion but I respect individuals, such […]

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“She’s gunna love this,” I thought to myself while scrubbing the kitchen floor. Hours had already been spent vacuuming, dusting and dish-washing. “It will all be worth it.” To top it off, I am going to light candles and play classical music. I want it to be perfect; peaceful, relaxing. She deserves more than I […]

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