Sexism in Science

It is not new information that women experience sexism in the science field. For many, this is “normal” and there cannot be change until there are more women in the field, right? However, no one seems to be talking about the experiences women in the science field have to deal with on a daily basis […]

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How to be a Male Feminist

Hey fellas. So, if you are like me and you believe in equality then you, too, are a feminist! I know right, kind of a crazy concept but it’s true. Now I will admit that in order to be an effective feminist, there is just a bit more you need to do. With my final […]

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To-DO List

To all the “should and shouldn’t haves” I’ve received and all the things I wish I had said… “You should have covered up more” “You shouldn’t get turned on by my knee caps and shoulder blades”   “You shouldn’t have drank so much” “You shouldn’t want to fuck an unconscious body”   “You should have […]

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Feminism and Capitalism Can’t Coexist

Feminism and Capitalism Can’t Coexist It’s a corporate trend you see often, companies bringing social justice and advocacy into their marketing platforms. During pride month you see companies like Amazon constantly plastering the rainbow flag all over social media, billboards, and advertisements. Clothing companies like Aerie make body positivity a large part of their advertising […]

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Living with ADHD

I can’t concentrate  My mind hanging on by a thread   I can’t even think straight    My thoughts won’t cooperate  Like racing wildfires, they’re so widespread  I can’t concentrate     Am I gaining weight again?  Another diet has been misled   I can’t even think straight     Wait — What was I thinking about again?  I […]

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