Newsroom ROundup September 21

In our Newsroom Roundup on September 21st, 2022, we discussed local, national, and global news stories from a feminist perspective. This discussion included reviewing intersectionality in feminist conversations, the hurricane that devastated Puerto Rico, and the French Cycling Federation’s unequal use of funds. Local The student-run blog, Feminism is for Everyone, covers a wide variety […]

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A breach of trust

I find it hard to believe that the average female hasn’t felt the least bit mentally and emotionally bamboozled in the process of rejecting a male while being pursued half-heartedly. To give some context, over the past weekend a girlfriend of mine visited for my pre-birthday celebration. While potting the cacti she had bought as an early […]

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stop calling me a slut

Let’s talk about sex. You heard me. Let’s talk about it. More specifically, Iet’s talk about the shame and stigma surrounding women who like to have sex. What a wild concept, right? That a female, just like a testosterone-driven male, can want and enjoy “it”, too. In fact, there is beauty and power to a […]

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Gender REVEALS and the Harmful Binary

The gender reveals party community has completely engrossed our modern society. It has come down to the degree of environmental and physical harm. All this occurs for announcing a baby’s sex, not gender. Our culture is deeply entwined with the concept of gender because it determines treatment, assumes likes and dislikes, and highlights a societal […]

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NewsRoom Roundup September 14th, 2022

On September 14th, we discussed local, national, and global news from feminist standpoints. This included information about a local professor aiming to educate college students on the election process, a governor in South Carolina introducing a 15-week abortion ban, and a Saudi Arabian woman being prosecuted for tweets. Local: Professor Bobby G. Gentry of Bridgewater […]

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Is jmu a feminist institution?

A look at the history of leadership at jmu Like me, I’m sure you’ve heard the joke “she went to college to get an MRS degree,” more than once. My experience at JMU has actually broadened my ideas as a feminist, so the concept of only going to college to meet a man seems foreign. […]

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