I Don’t Like Sororities

I have never agreed with the idea of sororities. Never, ever. Growing up, seeing movies with sororities in them and big, girl-only friend groups reminded me of the girls that relentlessly bullied me all throughout school and even out of school online. My mindset on sororities was confirmed when I came to JMU and saw […]

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Is Religion Against Women?

Is there a division between feminism and religion? In most religions there seems to be a patriarchal system that places men in positions of power. Women are not often seen in leadership and sometimes do not even have the same religious rights that men do. The exclusion of feminism in religion happens all over the […]

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Abbott Elementary: Supporting Public Schools & Teachers

Quinta Brunson, a Black comedian from Western Philadelphia, is best known for creating, executive producing, co-writing, and starring in the award-winning TV series Abbott Elementary. For those who don’t know anything about Abbott Elementary, it is a mockumentary-style comedy show surrounding a group of hard-working, dedicated, and passionate teachers at a Philadelphia public school; it […]

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Hot Girls Have Scary Dogs

*TW: mentions SA and Sex Trafficking** We as women live in a scary scary world. Sex trafficking, sexual assault, and just overall women’s safety issues are rampant in the US and disgustingly normalized. Which is why…I am a big fan of protection dogs or “scary” dogs in general. After everything that has happened with the […]

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Does Miss America Miss the Mark?

The Miss America Pageant is known to many and has certainly been prone to controversy and differing opinions over the years. The pageant is now over 100 years old and with its longstanding presence in society I feel it is important to recognize Miss America’s evolution over the years. The contest originated in 1921 at […]

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is Hookup Culture harmful?

Hookup culture is a common part of lots people’s college experience, however, many people do not know or understand just how harmful this culture has the potential to be. My experience with hookup culture is not something I regret, but rather something that has formed me into who I am today and contributed to what […]

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Ageism, Sexism, And Politics.

In today’s society, women are under more pressure than men to “age well” and, quite frankly, to avoid any visible signs of aging. Plastic surgery is becoming more common than ever, and women are paying for costly beauty treatments in hopes of looking young again. I doubt anyone is thrilled to start aging, but women […]

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My thoughts on Catholic school

I want to preface this post by saying that not all Catholic schools are bad and I acknowledge the privilege I have in being able to attend one and share my experiences. Honestly, in some ways I am grateful for some of the experiences I went through because they helped shape me into who I […]

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