Women get Rape because of Rapist

*Warning this article talks about sexual assault and rape and it may be triggering for some readers* When a woman wants to have a drink or two, they should not have to live in fear that they are going to be raped. Across the globe, but particularly America, drunk women often are assault or rape, […]

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Harsher Punishments For RapistsĀ  TW: Sexual assault, violence and mentions of self harm On September 10th, 2019, a viral video of a rapist surfaced on the internet The video showed a man being castrated by pit bulls, begging for help and in deep sweat It was extremely disturbing and hard to watch to say the […]


Know Her Name

For the last four years the media has been covering the overflow of hashtags, trending articles, and buzz surrounding the *shockingly* white, all american swimmer and Stanford freshman, Brock Turner. The increase in coverage occurred when, yet again, our clearly unjust justice system failed us women as a whole and let this coward off with […]

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