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    Dear Disney, Please stop. From, Everyone.

    As many of JMU’s students traveled this past week for Spring Break, I took myself out to California to visit an old friend from high school who moved out there after we…

  • Image created by R. Matt

    Money Talks

    Andrew Jackson has been the face of the 20 dollar bill for 87 years, and many people including the WomenOn20s campaign believe that it is time a woman took his spot. The…

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    The Pretty Muddy: A Woman’s Race

    When I first heard of there being a race for women, I had mixed signals in my head. At first, I thought “Hell yeah! Some kind of athletic activity for women that men…

  • Trending #BlackOutDay pictures on Twitter


    Today, March 6th is #BlackOutDay. The campaign aims to celebrate black beauty and fight against negative and damaging stereotypes that are often perpetrated by the media.…

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    Get Hip to Art and Feminism

    My love of art has grown over the years because it can be political, moving and simply stunning. But, I fell love when I saw underlying feminist messages. I want to share my…

  • unknown

    Skin Lightening in Magazines: Reoccurring Accident or Endless White Washing?

    Recently, accusations of white washing of women of color by magazines have flooded social media. Fashion and beauty publications like Vogue, Instyle, and Vanity Fair are some of…

  • Kari Faux's new mixtape

    4 Badass Female Hip-Hop Artists You Should Be Listening To

    I love listening to hip-hop because of how trendy and fast paced the genre is. Although I think that hip-hop is the most musically progressive genre today, its definitely not the…


    Invisible Violence: The Effects of Sexist Language

    How many times have you heard someone say, “It’s just a word, it doesn’t matter.”? Typically, this is said in defense of saying something that might be considered…


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