Closing Time

I’ve been putting off writing this post because I’ve never been good with goodbyes (who is, really?) and I’ve always had a hard time embracing change. Not to mention how hard it is to follow the farewells of my two phenomenal co-editors, BoobsRadley and HeroineAddict. But on my final day as an undergraduate student, I’ll […]

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Call for Bloggers and Editors!!

Applications are now open for Fall 2017 bloggers and editors! We are looking for passionate, intersectional feminists ready to write about everything from reproductive health and politics to popular culture and personal experience. If you want to create feminist content, build a feminist community, and receive class credit, then apply to join our collective!! If you’re […]

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Fade to Black, Role Credits.

Picture this… We’re driving down a traffic-less Port Republic Road (just go along with it, ok?). Windows rolled down, hair whipping in the summer breeze, a cloudless blue sky stretches out in front of us, and “Someone That Loves You” by HONNE is blasting through the speakers. We each have a one dip of Kline’s Dairy Bar […]

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