Newsroom Round-up 10/26/21

In our newsroom discussion on October 26th, 2021, we delve into the feminist issues within stories revolving around the mishandling of Title IX reports, poor college living conditions, and the coup in Sudan. These stories allowed for a diversified exploration of feminism in three different situations. Local: On October 4th, former senior vice president of […]

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Policies of the future

Under the Biden-Harris Administration, a new policy regarding gender equality is being implemented.  On International Women’s Day this year, an executive order was put in place to establish the White House Gender Policy Council. Under this council, many controversial topics that are impacted by gender bias will be tackled. Some of these include, but are not limited […]

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Gender bias in healthcare

Gender prejudice is the action or treatment against a person based on their sex.  We see gender bias present in society in many forms, but healthcare is a crucial one. Bias in the medical field is damaging to the healthcare systems we rely on. In healthcare, gender bias is when patients are diagnosed and treated […]

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Managing your Time

I for one am someone who has always does things on the fly, been very laid back when it comes to planning, and have never had a set daily routine. However, lately these are some of the things that have hindered my ability to work effective and efficiently, be able to be there for the […]

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Homelessness: positionalities overlooked.

When I was in my freshman year of college, I stumbled across a video put out by Bustle that helped me to see homelessness through a feminist perspective—although, 5 years ago I probably would not have worded it that way. The video featured humans talking about their experiences of having a period while also experiencing homelessness. Nineteen-year-old me watched this and felt a call to action. […]

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