Give The World A Love Slap

As most of you have probably seen, a new trend started last week. This trend consisted of women posting on their Facebook and Twitter pages saying “me too.” If you wrote this, it meant you had been sexually harassed or assaulted at some point in your life. The meaning of this trend was to give […]

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Pt. I – The Pedagogy of Feminism: How to talk about gender equality

Sometimes I find myself in a conversation with someone who doesn’t like feminism, but because they don’t necessarily understand feminism. If you’re in a conversation with someone who doesn’t like feminism because they don’t like the idea of gender equality… Well, that’s a blog post for another day. I like to think of feminism as […]

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#IBelieveFrederica, Do you ?

On Today’s episode of “What Woman Did President Trump Insult Today?” I would like to usher in the newest addition, Congresswoman of Florida’s 24th District, Ms. Frederica Wilson. This cowboy hat wearing representative serves the  Miami-Dade county and southern Broward Counties, one of the most culturally diverse districts in the nation. And she is most […]

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Gameday Toxicity

Disclaimer: This is not an attack on Gameday itself or on college football, this is a commentary on sexist culture pervading Gameday festivities. Also trigger warning for conversations on sexual assault. As many students were made aware by the six semi trucks parked on the quad Friday, College Gameday decided to return to JMU after […]

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Hold Them Accountable

In the words of Samantha Bee, “We are coming for you, Creeps.” In the news recently, filmmaker Harvey Weinstein has been accused of rape and sexual misconduct, and of course denied it. Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, and so many other big name actresses were harassed or assaulted when doing a movie with Weinstein. But there […]

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