Use your head.

I’m not going to lie to you guys. As a woman, I love receiving head. Or oral sex, if you want to get scientific. It is amazing… when done right. However, I actually did not know what it truly was until I was about seventeen or eighteen. Oh sure, I knew what oral sex for […]

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How to thrive single life

Have you been asked by people why you’re still single? Or asked constantly if you’re dating or talking to someone? I have.  There is constant pressure for people to be dating or in a relationship, I know I’ve felt that pressure. While being in a relationship may be beneficial in some aspects, you don’t always […]

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Finding your power in relationships

The word “codependency” refers to an individual being emotionally and/or psychologically reliant on their partner. These kinds of codependent relationships are more common than one would think and not every individual can realize they’re in one. As a feminist, the main focus is on finding individual power and being true to one’s self. This blog […]

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Too much, but also not enough 

Being queer in both straight and LGBTQ+ spaces can be mentally taxing I work with a close-knit group of fellow college students. We talk about our personal lives, complain about classes, and occasionally go out together on weekends. Some of them, like me, identify as queer.  At the office, I made a lighthearted joke when […]

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Let’s Talk About Sex(uality)!

Hello everyone! Today I wanted to talk about sex… Sexuality that is. Sexuality has become a more mainstream topic after the Supreme Court case Obergefell v. Hodges that legalized same-sex marriage. I wanted to talk about my experience with sexuality, both in my personal and romantic life. This is just my personal experience with sexuality, […]

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today is red.

Millions have awaited today over the past few months. November 12th, 2021.   Red.   Taylor Swift’s album, Red (Taylor’s Version), has been re-released today with ten added songs. The added songs include the hit country song, Better Man, previously sung by Little Big Town but written by the Queen herself. Songs also include Ed Sheeran, who was […]

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