Quick Hit: She Shakes Her Body

If you have twenty minutes ( I know you have twenty minutes, you spend more than that on Facebook) take the time to read this little excerpt, but more than that watch this video! Maysoon Zahid is a disabled Arab-American female comedian (talk about the intersections of oppression) who spends this Ted Talk talking about her life […]

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Poetry & Activism

*Trigger Warning: Poem About Sexual Assault *     So if you do not know, I went to a conference this past weekend for Feminism, SEWSA, and I got to learn how poetry is a form of activism. I mean I will admit that I had these thoughts about poetry, but it is always nice […]

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GirlCode on Campus

This weekend, Nicole Byer and Alice Wetterlund from MTV’s hit show, Girl Code, came to JMU for the Spring comedy show. As a huge fan and serial quoter of GirlCode I was so excited to see their stand-up comedic skills. In the end, however, I’m still not sure, as a feminist, how to feel about […]

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Sunday Night Spotlight

Bestlittlelion92 and Ladychaotica21 found this article, showing that teenagers are changing the ideas of feminism, by simply proving they want to be part of it! Check out this link for more details. Truequeerlatte found this article defending HBCUs from claims that they are more homophobic than PWIs. Cpowell92 is shocked by this overt display of […]

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