LGBT what about the T?

So yesterday was Transgender Day of Remembrance and the JMU & Ally Education Program had a vigil to remember and honor the lives that have been lost. It was touching to see the candles slit in the room, but also sad to realize how many people die because of hate crimes towards gender identity each […]

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My Mother, the Feminist

I suppose it never hit me that my mother instilled feminist ideals in my mind from the womb. She was already setting rules and regulations for her marriage long before I was ever born. It took a true instigator and woman with a voice to inform my father that she would not be cleaning up […]

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Don’t Friend Zone Me

I HATE the “friend zone” and not because I am in that situation currently or that I feel bad for those people who are there now.  Nope, I hate it because the whole mentality is really wrong and those who use it as a reason to be pissed kind of come of as jerks themselves. […]

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Sunday Night Spotlight

Check out what our bloggers found most newsworthy in this week’s edition of Sunday Night Spotlight! Houseofadoll wants to share this link.  It takes a brief look at the role Miley Cyrus has, and is, playing in shaping the feminist world today. She, unlike many female pop stars, even admits to the public that she […]

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Disability and Feminism

As feminists, we more often tend to talk about intersectionality in ways of race, sexual orientation, or even gender expression. Intersectionality is such an important area of understanding feminism because you have to check your privilege and bias as the door. For example, I understand my white, heterosexual privilege when looking as issues involving race […]

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