Hot Takes From NYFLC

Every year, The National Young Feminist Leadership Conference gets better: more intersectionality, more interesting panels, more useful workshops. This year was definitely the best, and here are some of my favorite takeaways. First, I went to the Protecting Immigrants panel. Obviously, we need to recognize that for many people, especially trans and queer people, getting […]

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Trauma to Triumph

Hey Y’all. So as some of you may know, a few us here at ShoutOut recently attended The National Young Feminists Leadership conference this past weekend! First let me just say, thank you to Feminist Majority Foundation because they did an incredible job at making this conference an educational, fun, and EMPOWERING EXPERIENCE. Just to […]

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Speak up and Shout out

Welcome back feminists! If you’re keeping up to date with Shout Outs blog posts, you’ll know that few of our bloggers took a trip and attended the National Young Feminist Leadership Conference in Washington D.C this past weekend. Let me just say, it was amazing. Actually, “amazing” doesn’t even give it the justice it truly […]

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ShoutOut is Conference Bound! NYFLC Here We Come

Hey all, Lucilleontheball here with some exciting news! This weekend, your favorite bloggers from ShoutOut are headed to Washington D.C. for the National Young Feminist Leadership Conference! This conference, sponsored by the Feminist Majority Foundation, is an incredible opportunity for young feminists like ourselves to talk issues, organizing and action with passionate activists from across the country. […]

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