This has been great semester. Thank you to our bloggers for their insight, experiences, quirks, ideology and more. Like Wannabeaudre, who really put their own insight into reproductive health. Femfarts analyzes sexism through religious lens. ProChoicePrincess continuously addressed reproductive rights in a new way. Inthemotheroffing captures a unique perspective of investigative feminism. They aim to […]

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Birth Control + You: Real Talk

  Have you ever uttered the words “birth control” in a crowded room, only to have a slew of back-to-back horror stories told to you by 10 different humans? Perhaps you’ve been to the gynecologist or your nearest WebMD web page, only to be completely overwhelmed with options and medical jargon that goes in one […]

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Leaving Home

BEER and BOOKS. If I am being honest, these two words pretty much sum up what I thought college would be like before entering. Endless dirty-bronze rivers flowing with keystone ice and endless stacks of papers and homework. The beer is plentiful and the homework is sufficient, but my college experience has far exceeded these […]

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Let’s Get Political

The presidential election is coming upon us quicker than we think. The top candidates have not been narrowed down, and it is getting close (and terrifying with Trump getting so much support). But if you are like me, and you care about certain issues, then you’re probably wondering which candidates are the most (or the […]

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Newsroom from Your Fave Feminists!

Hey everyone! First off, us bloggers here at Shoutout are SO pumped to be bringing you the final round of NEWSROOM. We’ve greatly enjoyed scoping the scene for all the hot news surrounding feminist issues and hope you’ve enjoyed reading what we’ve got to say! So let’s do this one more time- here’s what’s up […]

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Women in Politics are not Bossy

I personally hate engaging with people who have different political/moral values than I do via social media. I feel like the process is just long and complicated and (in my case) sweaty and painful. However, while scrolling through twitter this morning I ran into my homegirl Elizabeth Warren who straight up called. out. Ted Cruz […]

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Sexual Health and Self-Care

“Self-care” has been a popular topic in feminism for many months now, and with good reason. It’s crucial to take care of your body, from the food that you eat to the ways that you relax. However, one often overlooked area of self-care is ensuring the sexual health of our bodies. In fact, sexual health is […]

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Sex Ed: How to be an Askable Adult, and Why It’s Vital You Do So

If you think sex education is an unnecessary and unimportant topic of conversation, I recommend you spend an hour in your average, smelly, pubescent-ridden  middle school or watch John Oliver’s special on the issue.  I recently reached out to the very cool, very reality-driven sex ed specialist Laura Leischner who works with various high schools […]

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