Going for a run is dangerous?

On September 2nd, 2022 Liza Fletcher set out for her daily early morning run on the University of Memphis campus. Liza was an avid runner and was training for the Boston marathon. However, she would not return home to her husband and children after her run that morning. At around 4:20 AM, Liza Fletcher was […]

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stop calling me a slut

Let’s talk about sex. You heard me. Let’s talk about it. More specifically, Iet’s talk about the shame and stigma surrounding women who like to have sex. What a wild concept, right? That a female, just like a testosterone-driven male, can want and enjoy “it”, too. In fact, there is beauty and power to a […]

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Swipe left or swipe right?

Tinder. The Mecca of college dating. When a college student swipes right on Tinder, what might be going through their heads? “Omg he’s so cute”, “I would love to fuck her”, or “Damn she’s fire”. College students instantly reveal their inner SLUT as soon as they open the app. Can you blame them though? Imagine […]

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Is jmu a feminist institution?

A look at the history of leadership at jmu Like me, I’m sure you’ve heard the joke “she went to college to get an MRS degree,” more than once. My experience at JMU has actually broadened my ideas as a feminist, so the concept of only going to college to meet a man seems foreign. […]

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Finding your power in relationships

The word “codependency” refers to an individual being emotionally and/or psychologically reliant on their partner. These kinds of codependent relationships are more common than one would think and not every individual can realize they’re in one. As a feminist, the main focus is on finding individual power and being true to one’s self. This blog […]

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A Modern Rosie

Think of the word “soldier”. Your mind probably creates the image of a white man in uniform, armed, and ready to serve his country. Don’t worry, it’s not your fault you associate a masculine connotation with the word. What you picture has been depicted in photographs, textbooks, media, and has been accurate for most of […]

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