Women in Power

My mom just recently got a new job offer after being with her previous employer for over thirty years. Switching companies and starting a new job at the start of a recession in our country was terrifying to her, but she was so excited for the opportunity of a lifetime to work her dream job.  […]

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Inclusive language matters

In a time where everything is very unstable and uncertain, so was my “struggle” with my sexuality. I quote the word struggle because internally, I never questioned or felt guilty about who I was attracted to, both physically and romantically. From the time I began to consider dating people, I always knew that I was […]

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Newsroom RoUNDup (11/30)

LOCAL NEWS: “GOVERNOR GLENN YOUNGKIN & HIS “POLITICALLY MOTIVATED” PLAN TO REMOVE ALL MENTIONS OF DR.MARTIN LUTHER KING JR, IN THE ELEMENTARY HISTORY CURRICULUM” The drafted plan was originally introduced in August 2022 and placed an emphasis on valuing Virginia’s history and fixing the curriculum to adhere to the “new” standards. The year 2015 was […]

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