Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby

“10 Things Guys Crave in Bed” “His #1 Sex Fantasy” “His Best Sex Ever” These headlines, taken from past issues of Cosmopolitan Magazine, all have one thing in common: each focus on “him” and what “he” wants out of sex. For a women’s magazine, that’s an awful lot of attention given to men’s needs. As […]

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Why Are Women’s Rights Not Bipartisan?

As Women’s History Month comes to a close, I’ve been thinking more and more about women, not only in the past, but in the present and future. With the 2016 elections quickly approaching, a lot of women’s issues will be present in political dialogues, including equal pay and reproductive rights. Here’s my prediction: unless the republican party changes, […]

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Feminism, a History

Just like many other writers for ShoutOut, I too went to the National Young Feminist Leadership Conference last weekend. I can honestly say that I have never been anything so incredible and life changing in my life. While at the conference, the eight ShoutOut representatives all tried to attend different workshops to write about. In […]

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NYFLC: The Unspoken Realities & A Chat Around “the Kitchen Table”

As I went to the  National Young Feminist Leadership Conference 2015 (NYFLC) with fellow bloggers, I experienced an amazing realization. I think it is typical for individuals to think they are alone in their marginalization. At NYFLC, I met many individuals that allowed me to view various perspectives and also gain perspective on issues that I may not […]

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