The Bitchin’ Table: When Did Shaming Become A “Healthy Motivator?”

[Trigger warning: images from “thinspo” sites and discussion of eating disorders] Katie O. and internationalcupcakebandit are pissed off about the “thinspo” trend, where women are encouraged to be unattainably skinny and shamed for even thinking that they might want to eventually eat something. Coupled with an emphasis on fake baking until you’re a creepy shade […]

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Totally Awesome Women

This impressive actress landed her first lead role in 1958’s Nowhere to Go but she started her theatrical career in 1952. Since then, she has been in over 65 productions on screen in addition to over 70 theatrical productions. She is also one of the few actors to earn the Triple Crown of Acting (Tony, […]

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Wednesday Link Round Up

Aliasmitch shared this link to a Jezebel post: “In light of the really racist reactions some of the casting in the Hunger Games film caused, Jezebel has written a pretty neat article about cultural whitewashing and how white is perceived as the neutral (hence “everyone” can “relate” to it) race.” Eszenyme watched a 2 part video series […]

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Sunday Links Roundup!

Welcome to another links round-up, you know the drill! Aliasmitch found: “This wonderful interview with Matilda Sycamore, editor of an anthology titled Why Are Faggots So Afraid of Faggots?, a book that I totally want to read. While the rather alarming title may be upsetting to some, I think its abrasive phrasing really calls out the hegemonic worship of […]

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