Tattoos and Assumptions

When you guys last heard from me, I was giving you a review of my new favorite book, After by Anna Todd. In that post, I opened up a discussion about how people see tattoos and piercings. This got me thinking more about that topic since I myself have three (soon to be four, sorry mom) […]

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What Feminists Are Into This Week

Local News Annual event called “Women in Focus” held at the Court Square Theater: Harrisonburg has an annual event that focuses on Women’s issues. Last year the focus was on women in the work field. This year the focus was on female caregivers. People usually concentrate on the person they are caring for, but this […]

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More Than Marriage and Motherhood

Recently, I have been exposed to the “traditional” expectations of women in their twenties. As a graduating senior, every question I receive revolves around a love interest or the eventual existence of children. These questions are then followed by congratulatory remarks of getting this far without offspring or disappointment for my lack of immediate interest […]

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