Feminism Is About Men

I know what you are thinking; you could not have possibly read that correctly because there is absolutely no way I just stated that feminism is about men.  Even as I wrote the statement that tiny little feminist inside me shouted to the heavens asking how I could take this one thing away from women.  […]

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What’s Your Number?

No, I don’t mean your ten-digit phone number.  I mean that one or two-digit number (or three; unlikely, but uh, do ya thang, honey) that is an entitlement for men, and a damnation for women.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I’m talking about the number of people you’ve slept with.  Had sex with.  The number that makes […]

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A Feminist and Her Facebook

Over the past year, my Facebook has become a dumping ground for the hoards of links to political and feminist articles that I find interesting. On my list of Facebook likes I’ve followed the NO H8 Campaign, Transgender Student Rights, SlutWalk, and Planned Parenthood Action. My newsfeed is often overflowing with feminist activism, full of enlightening and fascinating information […]

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