I Don’t Like Sororities

I have never agreed with the idea of sororities. Never, ever. Growing up, seeing movies with sororities in them and big, girl-only friend groups reminded me of the girls that relentlessly bullied me all throughout school and even out of school online. My mindset on sororities was confirmed when I came to JMU and saw […]

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One’s A Slut & One’s a Stud

As a college student, it seems like sex is almost always a topic of discussion among me and my peers. I’ve lost count of the amount of “hook-up” stories I’ve overheard while trying to eat my buffalo mash in the dining hall. I feel like a college campus is one of the few places in […]

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Check Yourself

By now I am sure you are all aware about the rumor that JMU had an outbreak of HIV/AIDS. The University issued a statement that these allegations are false, however, students are still on edge about contracting HIV. HIV, medically known as Human Immunodeficiency Virus, is a sexually transmitted disease that is commonly known. This […]

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