Waging the Gap

The scope of feminist issues is a constantly growing area. While most of our fight for equal rights generates a lot of thoughts like “Why is this something we even need to fight for?” the most questionable motion for change, to me, is the wage gap. For those who don’t know, the wage gap is […]

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How I Became a Feminist

It’s my birthday so I’m going to talk about myself.  HA.  But seriously though, there’s nothing I’d like to do more than tell you all how I became the confident, proud, bold, FEMINIST, twenty year old that I am today.  It took a while, but I finally made it! You’d never believe it, but before […]

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Old Habits Die HARD

WHY are women always expected to want to get married and have children? Why is it weird that in the 2015 people question or look down upon a woman who does not want to have children or get married? Throughout history women have been conditioned to believe that having a husband, children and a house with a white […]

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Enough is Enough.

Hi readers. This is just a small short warning that this post is going to be very heated so if you do not want to see controversy, I suggest you stop reading. If you dare stay-hold on one second- I am climbing up onto my soap box. For those of you who stayed, you may […]

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Anxiety and College

Your chest is feeling tight, heart pumping fast, and mind racing with thoughts you just don’t want to think about.  You’re having an anxiety attack.  Anxiety attacks can happen at any moment from a wide variety of different triggers, and with Anxiety disorders being the most common mental illness in the US and one of […]

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Money or Life?

Martin Shkreli may be the most hated man in America right now, and rightfully so. A quick summary of what he did to catch you up: he bought the rights to Daraprim, a medicine used to treat cancer and AIDS patients, and he raised the price per pill from $13.50/ pill to $750/pill. This is […]

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Dating young?

*I would like to start off with a disclaimer. This post is in no way, shape, or form attempting to make a negative comment or judgment on people who choose to date often/ have sexual encounters often/ etc. This post is, however, attempting to comment on the social constructs which often control the way that […]

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