“Bro, what happened last night”

I had an interesting experience last night. Instead of binge-watching the rest of “Breaking Bad”, my friend and I decided to immerse ourselves in one of JMU’s finest Saturday night traditions: the frat party. Sticky floors, cheap beer, and loud music. What more could a girl dream of? Oh right, equality.  ANYWAYS fast forward to […]

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This Week With Your Friendly Feminists…

In the multifaceted world of feminism, there is always new stories, new perspectives on old stories, people doing absurd things, and issues affecting the lives and well-being of well, everyone in this wild world.  This week’s feminist round-up can be shabbily categorized into three sections: political-ish, advocacy, and what I creatively labeled “etc.” Political-ish: Investigations […]

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Meet the New “Barbie”

Growing up, I played with Barbie dolls and idolized them for their “perfection.” However, there is a new Barbie on the scene and it’s time to take note! Barbara “Barbie” Ferreira is a 19-year-old, ‘curve’ model, based out of New York, and she is seriously thriving. Last week, American Eagle’s lingerie line, Aerie, released a […]

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Be Kind

Be kind: a familiar phrase that was spoken over me daily as a child. The words carried significance. They seemed to be the solution to whatever problems or struggles I may potentially face throughout the day. It was as if my parents were arming me with a metaphysical weapon possessing the capacity to fight my […]

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Welcome Back!

Hello Everyone, I hope you are all ready to engage in more feminist topics this semester! We have new bloggers with fresh new ideas and opinions. Also, we are incorporating a new aspect to ShoutOut this semester. We want to start addressing current topics on a continuous basis. So every week, look out for a […]

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