We Are Not Colorblind

As many of you know (hopefully—pay attention to the world!) the Supreme Court recently upheld, in a 6-2 decision, the Michigan ban on Affirmative Action in regards to colleges.  This means that race (along with sex and national origin) can no longer be considered when looking at applicants.  Theoretically this is great and hypothetically is […]

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Quick Hit: Ask Amy

“Ask Amy” is a web show by Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls that features comic superstar, Amy Poehler…(obviously.) This episode focuses on bodies and body image. A young woman asks: Dear Amy, What advice would you give a young woman with body issues? I have never been happy with my body, and I feel like it’s […]

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Figuring This Feminism Thing Out

As my first semester writing for ShoutOut! comes to a close, I can’t help but reflect on how this experience has molded who I am today. I first heard about the blog in my Communication and Social Movements class during fall semester. I was introduced to the women’s rights movement and feminism in a light […]

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Smile Much??

For my final blog post, I want to reflect on this issue of street harassment and the meaning behind telling someone to “smile.” Recently, I was talking to one of my friends and she brought up her feelings about being told to smile when she was not in the best of moods. My first thought […]

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