Lavender is a color that has represented the LGBTQ+ community throughout history. Lavender, a mix of pink and blue, represents the fluidity and blurring of gender lines in society.  When lavender graduation was first introduced in 1995, it was no surprise lavender was the color chosen to represent this ceremony. Lavender graduation was an event […]

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Cobalt mining kills

This semester I am taking a class on the Sociology of Energy and Society. It focuses mainly on how humans interact with forms of energy. We recently watched a documentary in this class, Blood Cobalt, which focuses on the mining going on in the Congo for cobalt. I recommend everyone to go and watch this […]

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Campus event: U.S. Democracy & the Latino/a/x COMMUNITY

On April 14th I attended a discussion panel that spoke on the political complexities of the Latino/a/x community. This event took place on campus in the College of Business building and featured three professors, Dr. Carlos Aleman, Dr. Veronica Davila Ellis and Dr. Sergio Gonzalez, chairman of the Virginia Latino Advisory Board, Lyons Sancheconcha, Rockingham […]

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News Room Roundup 4/18

LOCAL NEWS Liz Wheeler will be coming to campus next week to speak in the Madison Union Ballroom April 26th. She is a conservative political commentator, who will be speaking at a lecture titled, “The Ideology of Transgenderism.” It is to be hosted by JMU’s chapter of Young Americans for Freedom, which “brings students together […]

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I Don’t Like Sororities

I have never agreed with the idea of sororities. Never, ever. Growing up, seeing movies with sororities in them and big, girl-only friend groups reminded me of the girls that relentlessly bullied me all throughout school and even out of school online. My mindset on sororities was confirmed when I came to JMU and saw […]

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Bloody Battle

Dylan Mulvaney is a transgender influencer. She is followed by millions, and has a prominent social media presence. Her followers and others, decided to give their opinions, and felt the need to speak out on social media platforms such as Tiktok and Twitter. They expressed their thoughts regarding any videos with her and tampons. In […]

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Dragged through the Coals

Drag. It is a form of expression that has helped people explore themselves and their identities for years. This form of self-expression has existed since at least the 1870’s, and possibly even longer. There has been a long history of Drag existing and shaping the world. However, recently, there have been many bills that have […]

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