Sunday Links Round-Up

This week, Hannah Grace was surprised to learn about the prevalence of online homophobia in this study done by the Institute of Sexual Minorites and Services. She wants to remind everyone to choose their words wisely and not call something gay unless it’s truly queer. Femistorian was seriously disappointed by this new ad campaign featuring Katy Perry. […]

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Totally Awesome Women

  We all know the basic story surrounding this Totally Awesome Woman’s mysterious disappearance.  But did you know she was a member of the National Woman’s Party and she also staged numerous protests for equal employment?  Can you name this TAW?

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Explaining Objectification

It seems like lately, a lot of us here at ShoutOut! are struggling to find ways to explain feminism to our friends. It can be really hard to get past that initial “oh, you’re just an angry feminazi” reaction that most people have when we even mention inequality, patriarchy, racism, or feminism. So I’m always […]

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My Scouting Issue

Last week, Hannah Grace’s  blog post about her Girl Scout experience got me thinking about my time in the Boy Scouts of America (BSA)… I am an Eagle Scout, an achievement that required many years of hard work. One of the hardest challenges in Boy Scouts is that you reach an age (around 15 or […]

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Make Up and Feminism

I like wearing make up. It’s a fact. If you’ve met me, you know it. Only on the hottest and my laziest summer days do I forgo make up and even then I’ll usually throw on some mascara or concealer. Even if I’m not seeing anybody! What a waste, right? Not to mention how…un-feminist? Over […]

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Anger + Feminism + Stereotypes

Passion and anger. Too often one can equate the other. Feeling passionate is awesome. It’s important; in fact, I would even argue that, for feminists, it is essential. Yet passion, I believe, not only has a proper time and place, but can also be used to either further, or damage, a cause.  “Feminists are ANGRY.” […]

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