Summer Hiatus

Hello loyal readers, The end of the semester is upon us at James Madison University, which means that Shout Out! will be going on our annual summer hiatus. As always, we appreciate everyone who spends time reading and posting on the blog! Without you, there would be no Shout Out! If you like the blog, […]

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The Finale

As my college career comes to an end, so do my blog posts for ShoutOut!JMU. I would like to thank the academy, my mom, my manager, my kindergarten teacher…. But in all seriousness I am thankful for this opportunity. So for my very last post, I would like to go over some things I have […]

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I Won’t Be Doomed to Repeat It

Whelp, it’s that time of year again the libraries are filled to capacity where noise of any kind is met with evil stares and death threats, everyone is offering to use their dining dollars for you, and every student seems on the verge of hysterical laughter, or crying, or fits of rage and most likely […]

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Ramblings of a Nostalgic Senior

So as my last post I kind of wanted to write I guess what would be considered a reflection of some shape or form.  There ultimately won’t be a general topic or subject heading, I honestly don’t know I’m going to title this…ramblings of nostalgic senior? I actually kind of like it but more to […]

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