No Body Shame

In our society, we have various messages that are quickly ingrained in to us as we grow and mature. One such message is that our body exists completely for others, and if others do not see it as being “good” then it loses it’s worth. Statistics have shown that “by middle school, 40-70%  of girls are dissatisfied with […]

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America, We Salute You.

RAP week, formerly known as the Ranger Assessment Phase, is something that about only 40% of students makes it through. It includes everything from over 10-mile road marches, to struggling through water survival tests. This past April, Ranger School became open to women for the very first time. In order for this to happen, the […]

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Privilege: Education Edition

Hakeem is ‘Gifted and Talented.’ He is part of an accelerated science discovery program that he sometimes misses class for because of the projects that he gets to work on through funding from the government. None of his teachers give him any consequences for missing multiple days of class due to this special exception. “Oh, Hakeem? […]

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ShoutOut! Application

Hi readers, Eternallyfeminist and Rosehasathorn here. Just wanted to let you all know that we are now accepting applications for next semester’s bloggers! This year, we have had so many wonderful feminists interested in writing for ShoutOut, so, we decided to create a short application to choose our next writers. We will start reviewing the application on  […]

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Beauty: not just a binary

Attractiveness is a privilege. Point and blank, chances are if you are considered to be “attractive” based off of societies standards, you have a much greater chance at having opportunities than someone who would be defined as “unattractive”. As mentioned in the article hyperlinked above, we look at people who society would define as beautiful, […]

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The Ugly Truth

When we are younger one of the first things that we learn as a child is to “keep your hands to yourself”, why is it that now we are older those rules don’t apply to our genitalia? The Oscar nominated movie, “The Hunting Ground” was played yesterday for JMU students at Grafton. The movie itself […]

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Out of Sight, Out of Mind: Intersections Outside of Our Identities

I, often, get frustrated because my marginalization enables me to see the marginalization in others. Also, my marginalization is compounded due to intersections which disables my privilege. I encounter individuals that face marginalization but in a singular form. There is no hierarchy to oppression but there is a noticeable disregard for the impact of combining […]

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Our Culture is Not a Costume

Halloween season is upon us and, as most college students know, it’s time to go wild for a weekend. Whether you are going out to party, going to a haunted house, or doing any of the other multitudes of activities there are on Halloween, you have to have an awesome costume. While most people will go as a […]

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Self Care 101

Being a college student, life gets a little rough sometimes. As all of us know, midterms are the literal definition of a hell week. You wakeup feeling like you just got run over by a truck, even though you haven’t rolled off your mattress. Sometimes, it all just seems like too much. I actually just […]

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