Summer Hiatus/Final Links Round-Up

Hello good readers! We have reached that time of the semester in which regular blogging will temporarily cease for the break between semesters. But do not fear! Come Fall you will have some new bloggers, some returning bloggers, new co-editors and a new feature! This new feature will be titled “I am a Feminist Because…” and […]

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Chivalry is Dead

Hey ShoutOut readers. It’s the last post of the semester and I find myself looking back on my previous posts. It’s a bit difficult to figure out what to write about now but I shall endeavor to keep you interested. Today, I want to talk about chivalry. I am guilty of wanting men to be […]

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Wednesday Link Round Up!

So this is the last Wednesday round up of the semester! I really hope that round ups have been beneficial in some way, and anyone has suggestions for improvement or anything, just leave a comment! Aliasmitch was tickled to know: “that the Genderbread Person is still around, and is now new and improved. If you […]

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Totally Awesome Women

As this semester draws to a close, I’d love to sit down with everyone and just talk about the blog.  But, due to time constraints (and the fact that everyone is running around like their hair is on fire because of finals), that’s not the most feasible goal I’ve ever had. So, I guess I’ll […]

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Sunday Links Round-Up

Hello again readers! Welcome to the second to last Sunday Links Round-up of the semester. In this edition: Aliasmitch loved “this really awesome article calling out Jezebel on their incredibly problematic reporting on mental illness. While some of us may love Jezebel for its trademark snark, it is important to remember that it is, quite […]

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