Wednesday Link Round Up

Image via feministing (recommended by internationalcupcakebandit). Hey everyone! For readers at JMU, we hope your week before spring break is not too busy or overwhelming. If you have time, you should check out the great stuff ShoutOut! bloggers have been reading this week: Aliasmitch found “an article that I find refreshingly necessary. It reflects on how […]

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Totally Awesome Women

This actor, most known for her portrayal of villainous characters, was actually once referred to as the “corset queen” for only playing pre-19th century characters.  But, in her most recent role, which garnered 29 award nominations, she became a different kind of Queen.

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Beauty in Disney

The topic of my blog today will probably bring back fond memories for most of us. Recently, in my psychology of women and gender class, we discussed Disney movies and the negative messages they send girls. We already know the damsel-in-distress stereotype. However, has anyone noticed that some of the villains tend to be beautiful […]

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Sunday Links Round-Up!

Welcome to yet another Sunday at ShoutOut! We hope that you enjoy finding out what we’ve been reading this week as much as we enjoy sharing it with you. This week: Aliasmitch found: “This wonderful post that examines what “women’s rights” mean in a trans context and that sexist gendered hierarchies are unsurprisingly reflected in […]

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The Bitchin’ Table: 2012, The Swimsuit Issue

For this week’s Bitchin’ Table, InternationalCupcakeBandit and eszenyme are tackling the oh so relevant topic of.. drum roll! BATHING SUIT SEASON. Yeah, it’s large, ferocious, and in the back of all of our minds. Feel free to join in, and start some bitchin’ too! InternationalCupcakeBandit: Hey there, eszenyme! eszenyme: Hi, int’lcupcakebandit! InternationalCupcakeBandit: So, maybe it’s just me… […]

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Gender Bias in Home Decor Items

I was recently browsing through Bed, Bath and Beyond with my mother this past weekend. She was attempting to refurnish our new house and we were wading through shower curtains and bathroom racks when I saw something that irritated me. I was thinking of buying a shoe rack/shelf for my apartment and I was staring […]

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