women’s fight on pink tax

A couple days ago, I went shopping with my boyfriend since both of us were in need of our usual basic necessities. When we were checking out, I was shocked to see how much more I was spending than him. We each purchased one package of razors and a stick of deodorant of the same […]

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Oh, To Be A Woman

Oh, to be a woman Is to be told to wear the fancy dress, the pretty heels, the beautiful pearls Oh, to be a woman Is to be told your life will be filled with sparkles and rainbows and twirls Oh, to be a woman Is to be filled with joy, connection, and life Oh, […]

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The Superwoman Schema

If you have ever read, watched, or listened to any form of media or discourse depicting Black women, you have likely heard or seen controlling images and stereotypes of the Mammy, Jezebel, and Sapphire tropes. Not only are these images harmful and dehumanizing, but they also create false narratives of Black women in a patriarchal, […]

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“You’re a B****”

Have you ever been a called a b****? If you’re a girl or who has friends that are girls, you probably have heard the term thrown around here and there. But is being called a b**** really a bad thing? Yes, the word is considered an insult but it doesn’t always have to mean that. […]

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For the purpose of this article, I anonymously surveyed 30 participants ranging in age from 18-25. All quotes used in this piece are from the anonymous survey.  As a child, Halloween was the most liberating and exciting night of the year. I simply was obsessed. Playing dress up was part of my everyday life as […]


Hypermasculinity in Democracy

In one of my classes recently we discussed the idea of the pornified lens that presidential candidates are seen through. I honestly had little to no idea of what this actually meant and was intrigued to learn more. The original idea of the pornogrpahic frame came about in 2008 and basically explains that when pornogrpahic […]

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