Jesus? A Feminist?

Some of you may be thinking that these words just do not go together. There’s no way that Jesus was a feminist. Trust me, I understand the surprise. Unfortunately, some Christian churches preach the complete opposite. In those churches the Bible is used to oppress female voices rather than liberate and raise up those voices […]

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Waves of Feminism

The first and second waves of feminism both wave reached their ends before the beginning of the 21st century. And there has actually been much argument in feminist circles about whether or not there is a third, or even a fourth, wave. So, lets delve into what each of the waves represented and achieved. The […]

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The F Word

No… not that one. With the reign of Trump possibly coming to an end by the beginning of next year, it had me thinking about the shift of women’s activism that took a major turn at the start of his campaign and eventual election. Feminism seemed to once be a title to be proud of […]

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