My New Outlook on Feminism

As of December my undergraduate career will be over. With graduation so close on the horizon, I’m finding it harder and harder to make ends meet when it comes to school. “Senioritis” would be putting it lightly. It seems like every night (or very early morning) I’m scrambling to throw together an assignment that’s due […]

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Am I Doing my Job as a Feminist?

Coming up with ideas to write about has never been hard for me…considering the fact that I’m surrounded by mediums that constantly show unjust representations or treatment of women and by occasions that make me realize why I consider myself a feminist. Recently, however, due to the havoc caused by midterms, it seems as if […]

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You’re Killing Me, Dr. Pepper

I’m sure at least some other people have seen this commercial and been awestruck by the audacity of everyone’s favorite mystery flavor. I want to love you Dr. Pepper, but why must you make it so hard? I mean, I understand you need to reach some key demographics, and action sequences always seem to work […]

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Wanna talk?

I’ve been having a lot of conversations about feminism lately, conversations about its relevancy to my life (Does a middle class white girl attending college really face oppression?), its relevenacy to politics (Haven’t women made it already?), and whether or not third wave feminism can validly be referred to as a unified wave (after all, […]

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Would you be uncomfortable if I asked you about masturbation?

I recently researched the relationship between female college students and their perception on female masturbation.  My question, asked only to JMU females, included the following:  Would you be uncomfortable if I asked you about masturbation? This topic is of great interest because of the cultural attitudes and uneasiness regarding the discussion of female masturbation.  Females’ […]

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