Pretty Privilege vs. Beauty Penalty

You may be hip to the notorious Tiktok trend, “Tell me you have pretty privilege…without telling me you have pretty privilege.” To which the prompt is stitched with a pretty face who boastfully tells a tale to a camera about how their attractiveness benefited them in a particular circumstance. I angrily reacted to how this […]

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April 24th

In the upcoming week of April 18-24, there was a lot of stir and discussion within the TikTok community within the United States. For the US, April is sexual assault awareness month, where there is a lot of discussion to aid those who have been impacted by any form of SA and bring awareness to […]

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Reflections of a Born-Again Feminist

Throughout this semester, the ShoutOut! cohort has discussed a multitude of topics; ranging from gun violence to sexual assault to white patriarchy and racism in feminist circles. When I first joined the ShoutOut cohort, I didn’t know what to expect. My first assumptions were “A feminism class? At a PWI (Predominately White Institution)? It’s giving […]

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Newsroom Roundup!

Local In Harrisonburg this past week, a virtual conference was held to promote the growing concern of gun violence in the country. The presenters in the conference are people whose lives have been directly impacted by gun violence. One of the main takeaways of this conference is encouraging people to speak up and voice their concerns […]

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I think a lot of us are guilty of shopping on fast-fashion sites, and if we aren’t, I’m sure some of our friends are.  Sites like Boohoo, Romwe, Zaful, Fashion Nova, etc, operate on business models that offer insanely cheap trendy items, and turn over new items extremely fast.  Fashion Nova has said they offer […]


One Second… Let Me Call My Dad

            Just last week I ran into a problem that was a first for me. I was driving down the street in Harrisonburg and my “check engine” light came on which could mean anything! Nobody enjoys a trip to the mechanic, but it is especially hard for women. The thing is, this minor car issue […]

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Mental Health Disparities

Mental health is something that we all struggle with, and it is something that, as a society, we need to discuss. Particularly, we need to discuss mental health disparities among minorities. Racial/ethnic, sexual, and gender minorities often suffer from poor mental health outcomes due to many reasons, including, discrimination, harmful stigmas, and overall lack of […]

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