Being a Good Ally

Lately, I have been more mindful of the qualities an ally should possess. An ally is an individual that wants to fight for the equality of a marginalized group that they are not a part of. I am a straight cisgender woman. (FYI, cisgender means my gender experience matches my assigned gender at birth. Also […]

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Feminist movie night, anyone?

If I had to pick any one major media source to consume for feminist information, it would definitely have to be documentaries. There’s something so satisfying about a well-produced compilation of 90 minutes of material that leaves you reeling and thinking for days. In the wake of a week filled with appreciation for this year’s […]

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What Was Missing from the 2015 Oscars

The 87th Annual Academy Awards premiered on ABC last night, and many notable things happened in relation to feminist issues: Reese Witherspoon popularized #AskHerMore, a movement to question women on the red carpet about more then what they’re wearing. Patricia Arquette gave a well-intended shoutout to women in her acceptance speech for Best Supporting Actress. John […]

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Get Hip to Art & Feminism

My love of art has grown over the years because it can be political, moving and simply stunning. But, I fell love when I saw underlying feminist messages. I want to share my favorite feminist artist and maybe they will give you perspective too. Frida Kahlo (yes, Frida Kahlo, I do not care how clique it […]

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BIC: Pens for Her

Did you know, that as a women, you should buy pens specifically for women? BIC now makes a specific brand of pens, just for women, because apparently women can’t handle using regular pens. Read more about my thoughts on how BIC furthers to gender objects and puts down women.

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