Winter Break Hiatus

That’s right readers, it’s finals week here at JMU. Which also means that we’ll be taking a break from regular blogging until the Spring semester starts in January. But keep a look out for any updates our bloggers might post over the break! That being said, I also wanted to take a moment to thank […]

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Links Round-Up

It’s time for our final links round-up this semester here at ShoutOut! The writers and I have really enjoyed bringing you interesting and informative stories every week, and we hope we’ve expanded your regular internet reading to even more amazing feminist blogs. Without further ado: JGrand50 brings us a look at next year’s Supreme Court case […]

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Native American Feminism is relevant

Recently I was reading this article by Jenni Monet for CNN about some of the different issues surrounding  Native Americans portrayal that have been making headlines, probably some that you’ve noticed. From Karlie Kloss in an offensive “Native American-style headdress” on the Victoria’s Secret runway to the video “Looking Hot” by No Doubt, there has been a lot of […]

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Feminism, At Home for the Holidays

As eszenyme shared yesterday, it is hard to believe this will be our last week of official blogging for the semester. I, for one, am super excited to put this fall behind me. After taking a year off school, the challenge of getting back into the habit of writing papers and reading multiple novels each week took a lot […]

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Reflections of a Novice Blogger

It’s December 3rd, which means that this is the final week for the blog before winter hiatus (make sure to keep checking for quick hits and content though). As I write the final feature post of the semester, I thought I’d take time to think about how writing for the blog has changed my relationship […]

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Links Round-Up

This week at ShoutOut!: HannahGrace points out that history was made this week, as two same sex marriages were hosted at West Point, a prestigious military academy. The act that was made possible by two events last year, the lifting of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” and the legalization of gay marriage in New York. The marriages are an emblematic victory of the long battle […]

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Gender and Fighting

Earlier this semester I went down to Virginia Tech to visit some friends of mine and take in the downtown scene. While I was there I witnessed two fights. The first night was a pretty heated fight between two men and after a brief tussle, one of the men hit the other man over the […]

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