Cobalt mining kills

This semester I am taking a class on the Sociology of Energy and Society. It focuses mainly on how humans interact with forms of energy. We recently watched a documentary in this class, Blood Cobalt, which focuses on the mining going on in the Congo for cobalt. I recommend everyone to go and watch this […]

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Ageism, Sexism, And Politics.

In today’s society, women are under more pressure than men to “age well” and, quite frankly, to avoid any visible signs of aging. Plastic surgery is becoming more common than ever, and women are paying for costly beauty treatments in hopes of looking young again. I doubt anyone is thrilled to start aging, but women […]

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Stay Out of office Trump!

I’m tired of arguing with people over why Trump is unfit to run a country and not someone to be idolizing or supporting. I’m not trying to argue that being a good person will make you a good president, but the person who runs our country should care about everyone within it. In November of […]

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