The Taliban’s “Gentle” Approach to Women’s Rights

After Afghanistan fell under Taliban rule on August 15, 2021, women hid in their homes, fearing for their lives. The educated burned their diplomas, struck with the memories of the Taliban’s last takeover in 1996 when nearly all education was banned for women, enforced through obscene, fatal measures. Women were killed for attending co-education classes […]

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Individuality in a sea of “basic”

how sorority recruitment limits women’s uniqueness I am a woman in a sorority and i’ll be the first to say that contrary to popular belief, social sororities have more benefits than they do detriments (that is, in my experience). However, when the familiar recruitment season comes around, it seems as if sororities are less about […]

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Stop asian hate #intersectionality

This post will talk about why intersectionality is important and show you a recent event that relates to it. Growing up in a relatively diverse area I knew there was some existing prejudice against the minorities but I never experienced it. The area was somewhat of a bubble that hid me from the outside world. […]

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Newsroom roundup 9/13

Local News: In late May 2021, Cadet First Captain Kacey G. Meredith became the first female regimental commander at Virginia Military Institute. After her appointment was announced Kacey received a tremendous amount of hate. Especially on the social media platform, Jodel, an anonymous app similar to Yik Yak. In response, law firm Barnest and Thornburg […]

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Untamed: A must read

This blog is about why everyone should read the book Untamed by Glennon Doyle.  A quick background on the book: This book is written by Glennon Doyle and tells her story on how she “untamed” herself from the cages she remained in for the majority of her life that society puts women in. Her story […]

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Why popular podcast “call her daddy” is toxic

   If you’re a college aged student, I’m sure you have heard of the popular podcast, “Call Her Daddy”. If you’re not familiar, it is a podcast that is an affiliate of “Barstool Sports” and has accumulated a huge cult following over the past two years. The 27-year-old host, Alexandra Cooper uses the platform to share explicit and raunchy hookup stories, along with […]

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My Feminist Journey begins here

What is Feminism? What is a Feminist? Four weeks ago, if you would have asked me “What is feminism?” or “What is a feminst?” I wouldn’t have had an answer, or if I did manage to give you an answer, it sadly would have been an ignorant one.  Before taking this feminist blogging course, I […]

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