Titty Committee

Boobs.  I will never understand a man’s fascination with them…maybe because I am just so lucky to possess them but all in all, I don’t get it. Personally, and I know many girls will agree that, penises aren’t really all that attractive. I don’t know about you but I don’t walk around screaming “show me your […]

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Constrained Choice: More power to us?

I recently wrote a post on whether Pinterest is killing feminism, and stipulated that Pinterest isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  After all, it can be used to promote pro-feminist (or, at least not anti-feminist) sentiments.  More fundamentally, Pinterest is a user-generated platform, meaning it is reflective of what the users themselves choose to pin.  And […]

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The Feminist Lens: Movie Reviews

Keeping in line with last week’s post, I wanted to investigate another book series turned major motion picture phenomena from a feminist lens. This particular series puts The Hunger Games and Twilight movies to shame, as it has six of the top 25 highest grossing movies ever. One could say that they have had a […]

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Mr. Clean is looking lean

I’ve noticed that Mr.Clean has lost weight. This dawned on me as I sat and watched TV this weekend. Mr. Clean had slimmed down, and as I watched, concerned that I had noticed his decreasing waist line, I couldn’t also help but notice his co-star.  The commercial centered around Mr.Clean and his abilities to make this woman’s […]

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