HEY! Are You Against H.R. 3?

As we’ve mentioned before, the H.R. 3 is an act seeking to redefine rape in order to limit the abortion coverage available through Medicare and Medicaid. If you’re against the atrocity that is this bill, and want to help protect women’s rights, you should consider signing this online petition, which will be sent to your […]

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The Day the Music Changed

There was a time (not too long ago) when I couldn’t turn on the radio without hearing T.I.’s single “Whatever You Like.” And I will freely admit that yes, I would leave the song on, and yes I do know all the words. (Although usually I would substitute the words “Joe Biden” for “yo body”). […]

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Do I really need this?

Here’s a shocking statistic: Only 1% of EVERYTHING WE BUY is still in use six months after we buy it. ONE.  PERCENT. Okay, I know this video’s kind of a doozy, but it’s worth watching, I promise.  Scouts’ honor. The point is: we’re buying things we don’t need.  And it especially effects us as women.  […]

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