“White washed” Black Woman

I’ve got to say growing up in the suburbs of Virginia Beach hits a little different when you’re considered “White washed” black woman. What does that word even mean? Urban dictionary describes whitewashed as a derogatory term used to describe a minority who has assimilated with western society. It can be used as a compliment […]

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Comprehensive Sex Education vs. Abstinence-only-until-marriage Programs

Because teen pregnancy and STD rates are so high in the United States, parents, policymakers, and educators all share a common interest in finding sex education programs that will lower these rates. Everyone has an opinion about sex education, myself included, but the state governors are the ones who must decide whether to apply for […]

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newsroom round-up

This past week has been quite eventful for the local community and the world as well. It seems steps to ensure public health are underway, ranging from human rights to disease control. First up in local news, the Biden administration petitioned to bring healthcare for pregnant women and their children under the Build Back Better […]

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Let’s Talk About Sex(uality)!

Hello everyone! Today I wanted to talk about sex… Sexuality that is. Sexuality has become a more mainstream topic after the Supreme Court case Obergefell v. Hodges that legalized same-sex marriage. I wanted to talk about my experience with sexuality, both in my personal and romantic life. This is just my personal experience with sexuality, […]

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proposed discriminatory bill in australia… what is it about?

On November 25th, 2021, Australia proposed a new bill that will essentially protect religious people from “cancel culture”, while discriminating against members of the LGBTQ+ community.  Prime Minister, Scott Morrison says that if the bill is passed then it will ensure that religious organizations and people will be protected to express their beliefs. This also […]

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What does cyberfeminism mean?

Cyberfeminism was coined in the 1990s by feminists who were interested in theorizing and critiquing the internet and new media technologies through a feminist lens.  Cyberfeminism is an approach that explores the relationships within cyberspace. The term came out of ‘third-wave‘ feminism, which followed the movements of the ‘second-wave’ feminism of the 1970s that focused […]

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Why the Russians Keep Putin In power

Many countries in the West have this image of Russia and its government as corrupt and dangerous and that is completely true. The funny thing is, the Russian people are completely fine with that. Throughout his entire time in office (President and Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin has retained over a 60% approval rate and when […]

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The Social Butterfly Standard

I have always been told that I am outgoing and sociable; as a young lady “should” be. While I may be easy to talk to and outgoing, I am a strong introvert; for every hour of social activity, I need two hours by myself. I guess you could say I am an “extroverted introvert”, but […]

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The Gender Credibility Gap Represented Through The Treatment of Psychic Mediums

Time has always fascinated me. It started with me, an elementary school kid, watching videos online about time theories, eventually coming across the idea that the future has already occurred, that everything that has ever and will ever happen exists somewhere in space and time. This theory in particular stood out to me, and it […]

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Pussy = Pain

When going to see their OBGYN, most females don’t think about having to advocate for themselves for pain management. When I was a freshman in college, I decided to get an IUD or an intrauterine device, a form of birth control implanted in the uterus. Before my appointment I was given no pain medication and […]

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A place in the game

Picture this. It is November 2019 and Boston Pride, an LGBTQ+ hockey team, takes to New York City to play in a game against the New York City Gay Hockey Association. Now the story really begins when Greg Sargent, Boston Pride’s team president, began to chat with a member of the New York team, Aidan […]

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My little rant about churches

My grandfather was, for the last sixteen years of my life, a pastor in my local church and it was amazing to have him be such an amazing role model for me in the early and more recent stages of my life. He is now recently retired and there is a new intern pastor that […]

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newsroom roundup 11/16

In our newsroom on November 16th, 2021, we looked at local, national, and international news from a feminist perspective. The news articles we will be discussing include conversations surrounding controversy over the graphic novel, “Gender Queer: A Memoir”, recent changes to Louisiana cosmetology school LICENSING, and a population law being passed in Iran that violates […]

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Social media influencing Body Image

Social media can either be on your side or negatively criticize you. Social media is a very large mass media that most people use everyday. You can find all sorts of genres on it like cooking, athletics, and social media influencers. With new generations, people of all ages are using social media. As a young […]

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newsroom Round-up

In our newsroom on November 9th, 2021, we examined prominent news stories at a local, national, and international level through a feminist lens. The news stories included a protest regarding sexual assault at Virginia Tech, a transphobic article shared by popular author Margaret Atwood, and a sexual assault allegation against a former top Communist Party […]

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today is red.

Millions have awaited today over the past few months. November 12th, 2021.   Red.   Taylor Swift’s album, Red (Taylor’s Version), has been re-released today with ten added songs. The added songs include the hit country song, Better Man, previously sung by Little Big Town but written by the Queen herself. Songs also include Ed Sheeran, who was […]

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The Killjoys of Tik Tok

There is no one way to be a perfect feminist. How a person chooses to support and share feminism depends first how they define their feminism, the spectrum is wide. That being said, popular feminist, Sara Ahmed, outlines one way to live a feminist lifestyle. In her book Living a Feminist Life she outlines what […]

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Newsroom roundup 11/02/21

In our newsroom discussion on November 2nd, 2021, we discussed the feminist issues within recent news including sexual assault controversies in public schools, updates on the Texas abortion ban, and girls’ education after the Taliban. The stories we shared allowed for conversation and thought through a feminist lens. Locals news: New Virginia laws are under […]

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Mission Trip or Vacation?

I remember my first missions’ trip like it was yesterday. Early on a Monday morning we packed two 15 passenger vans stuffed to the brim and set off for a week-long trip to small town in North Carolina. It was my first trip without any family members present and I was filled with great joy […]

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women overlooked in healthcare

The healthcare system is another area where women are overlooked. A large reason for the discrimination against women would be the lack of understanding of how illnesses differentiate between men and women. According to an article by Forbes, women were excluded from clinical trials due to concerns about possible long-term effects on their fertility and […]

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gaslighting in romantic relationships

“That never happened.” “Stop being so sensitive.” “If you really loved me, you would ____” Have you ever been in an argument or even everyday conversation with your partner and heard any of these phrases? If you have, you have likely experienced gaslighting in some way, shape or form.  So you’ve been gaslighted. What does […]

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Newsroom Round-up 10/26/21

In our newsroom discussion on October 26th, 2021, we delve into the feminist issues within stories revolving around the mishandling of Title IX reports, poor college living conditions, and the coup in Sudan. These stories allowed for a diversified exploration of feminism in three different situations. Local: On October 4th, former senior vice president of […]

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Policies of the future

Under the Biden-Harris Administration, a new policy regarding gender equality is being implemented.  On International Women’s Day this year, an executive order was put in place to establish the White House Gender Policy Council. Under this council, many controversial topics that are impacted by gender bias will be tackled. Some of these include, but are not limited […]

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Gender bias in healthcare

Gender prejudice is the action or treatment against a person based on their sex.  We see gender bias present in society in many forms, but healthcare is a crucial one. Bias in the medical field is damaging to the healthcare systems we rely on. In healthcare, gender bias is when patients are diagnosed and treated […]

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As a cisgender woman, I am in no way speaking on others’ experiences with or regarding transgender identity positionally. Despite this, this is my experience and exploration when one of my friends started dating a transgender male and how I approached the conversation with her (cisgender woman). In my identity positionally, I had a lot […]


Managing your Time

I for one am someone who has always does things on the fly, been very laid back when it comes to planning, and have never had a set daily routine. However, lately these are some of the things that have hindered my ability to work effective and efficiently, be able to be there for the […]

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Homelessness: positionalities overlooked.

When I was in my freshman year of college, I stumbled across a video put out by Bustle that helped me to see homelessness through a feminist perspective—although, 5 years ago I probably would not have worded it that way. The video featured humans talking about their experiences of having a period while also experiencing homelessness. Nineteen-year-old me watched this and felt a call to action. […]

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Why Men Need to Become Feminists.

I cannot count the number of times I have been sitting in public and overheard a conversation between men talking and picking apart women. They are comments about a woman’s body, her personality, her intelligence, and the worst, how she wouldn’t have sex with them. This happens far more often than you may think. I […]

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nickelodeon excludes jojo siwa

JoJo Siwa is an 18-year-old female who is a successful dancer, singer, and YouTuber. Her fame started at nine years old when she was on the hit reality show Dance Moms. She quickly made a name for herself when she became a social media influencer and signed a contract with Nickelodeon. For most of her […]

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Women In Politics

In the WomenRepresentation’s most recent release report on women’s representation in Latin America, they explained how many Latin American countries are nearing gender equality. Of the five countries in the world to achieve gender parity, 3 of them are in Latin America: Cuba, Nicaragua, Mexico. But why is that? The article states, “There is great […]

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Coping with crippling anxiety 

Ever since I was a little girl I have always been overwhelmed easily. Even as a baby my mom would hate taking me to grocery stores and large public places because I would just cry. In high school I never struggled with feeling anxious and was in fact quite the opposite. The pandemic hit and […]

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Healthy coping mechanisms

Everyone goes through stress. It is a part of people’s everyday lives, and can be caused by a variety of different things. Anything from daily responsibilities like work and family to something severe like a bad loss. Stress is unavoidable, but also a normal aspect of life. Letting the stress pile up, and not alleviating […]

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Inclusion & The Oscars

Will Smith and Chris Rock may have stolen the media’s attention from this year’s Oscars, but don’t let that distract you from the list of achievements from stars in marginalized communities. Award shows are known for their history of being white-washed and male dominant. Insider lists some scary statistics, including the fact that 89% of […]

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