More Than Marriage and Motherhood

Recently, I have been exposed to the “traditional” expectations of women in their twenties. As a graduating senior, every question I receive revolves around a love interest or the eventual existence of children. These questions are then followed by congratulatory remarks of getting this far without offspring or disappointment for my lack of immediate interest […]

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Sexualizing, Objectifying, and Disrespecting Women DOESN’T Make You LUCKY

Happy St. Patty’s friends! Today I want to talk a little bit about a class discussion I participated in this past Monday. We were blessed to be around the presence of Cate Palczewski, as she informed us about the positives and negatives of pornography. When I reflect back on the reading (Palczewski Reading.pdf), I dive […]

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I, too, am JMU: Student Government Diversity Committee’s 3rd Annual Inclusion Event

ICYMI: JMU Student Government Association’s Diversity Committee put on their third annual “I, Too, Am JMU” inclusion event this past Tuesday, March 11th, 2019. The event was first started in the spring semester of 2017 by previous Diversity Ad-Hoc Committee* Chair, Jewel Hurt, who based it off of “I, Too, Am Harvard,” which was a […]

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Spring Cleaning My Mind

I just transferred to JMU this semester from Blue Ridge Community College. Last semester I was constantly anxious about getting into JMU, making good grades, and (ironically enough) not getting too anxious. I had to put in a lot of effort to raise my GPA to get into JMU. I didn’t do well my freshman […]

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A Letter to My Freshman Self

Hey, you! It’s you…from the future. Here to offer you a bit of advice, hope, and overall real-ness. It’s March, which means your freshman year is just about to end. You’re celebrating spring break and you’re probably reflecting on how fast this first year of college went by. It feels good to be home, doesn’t […]

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New York New Phone

This weekend has been a whirlwind of events to say the least. Possibly the biggest adventure three suburban girls could take during Spring Break. We have been through the wringer and back and not only did we survive, but we have emerged as braver-ish, smarter-ish, and grown-ish young women. Okay, shall we start from the […]

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Trans-parency in Health Care

Health care costs in the United States are through the roof. It’s hard enough trying to survive when hospitals, routine procedures, and medications are increasingly becoming inaccessible.

Add an oppressed identity to the mix and shake well to create a whole new type of barrier.

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Gender Inequality in the Workplace

It is no surprise that gender inequality has followed women into their occupation. From pay gaps, to unequal opportunity, to a lack of benefits for mothers, women face a lot of gender inequality in the workplace. Picture this: you work your ass off putting together a pitch you have to deliver next week. Your male […]

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Let’s Talk Masculinity and Hip-Hop

My favorite YouTube show is Hot Ones, a celebrity interview series where guests answer questions while eating increasingly spicy chicken wings. Despite the gimmicky premise (which does inspire some fantastic content, like this Terry Crews battle cry), the well-researched questions can lead to some surprisingly insightful answers. The latest Hot Ones guest, Offset, offered an […]

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Who is the National Coalition For Men?

Have you ever thought to yourself, “You know what we need more of in this country? Men’s rights!” You haven’t? Well lucky for you, someone did. The National Coalition For Men (NCFM), based out of California, is a volunteer law firm whose mission is to change legislation that they consider to be discriminatory towards men in […]

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Keeping You Up to Date – NEWS!

When Migrant Children Turn 18 – the story doesn’t end with simply reaching America. Migrant children who cross the border without their parents are sent to a federal shelter UNTIL their 18th birthday.  After this date they are typically then sent to detention centers and treated like criminals.  NPR reported this on their Morning Edition by […]

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Tobacco, Vaping, and New Laws

We all know smoking is bad, yet it is still increasingly popular especially since Juuls and other vaping products became mainstream and yet not much is being done about it. I mean yeah, they took some of the Juul flavors off shelves and places are really cracking down on IDing people, especially kids, but is […]

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If You Want It, Take It

Last week I stumbled across the Victoria’s Secret PINK GRL PWR event at Grafton-Stovall Theatre. It featured a panel of strong likeminded women with the common goal to celebrate, support, and inspire girls everywhere. I had no idea what I had gotten myself into before walking through those huge movie theatre doors, but let me […]

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With the click of a button or the tap of a screen, women can edit themselves. With the popularity of selfies, not only do we control the picture to perfection, but we filter and edit them to create our own unattainable beauty standards.

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Your News for THIS WEEK!

A lot is happening in the news – both nationally and globally. Here are a few key stories this week…   Green Book wins “Top Feature Film” The 2018 comedy-drama won a “Top Feature Film” award! Green Book is based on the true 1960s story of a blue-collared Italian-American bouncer and an African American classical […]

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