Maskne Sucks!

Maskne or mask acne is something many people have been fighting since the beginning of the pandemic. Check out this post to find out how to get rid of Maskne!

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If Men Had Periods

Dealing with a monthly period is not pleasant, especially with the stigma that comes along with it. Imagine if men were to have periods and how different menstruation would be treated?

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Dress and Express

Everyone is different especially in how we express our self identity. Fashion, especially in our society today is one of the most amazing ways one can express themselves. Your sense of style can say a lot about you. However, it can take a little longer for some people to figure it out I went to […]

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CHAARG is a new club here at JMU that supports Womens health and happiness.

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Stigma Stigma Stigma

Its finally over, the overwhelming flow of Instagram posts of girls during recruitment have come to an end.  The foundations of sorority life is built on the idea of sisterhood. Having people to lean on, hyping each other up and supporting one another. Sorority life and the values they possess promote feminism. However, the stigma […]

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The F Word

No… not that one. With the reign of Trump possibly coming to an end by the beginning of next year, it had me thinking about the shift of women’s activism that took a major turn at the start of his campaign and eventual election. Feminism seemed to once be a title to be proud of […]

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DONT Touch My Hair, Please?

There are days when we wake up feeling flawless like Beyoncé’. Sometimes, we are Brittany Spears with it, and we just want to grab a pair of clippers and go to work, releasing the scalp from every strand there is above our perfect little heads. Then, after those days, there are days where we pick […]

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The rap game is being flipped on its head. Powerful women like Meg Thee Stallion, Rico Nasty, Saweetie and Cardi B are topping charts and claiming Top Billboard Spots left and right. Thanks to social media and the free music platforms that are arising like Soundcloud and Youtube, artists who may have not gotten a […]


“The Final Rule”

This post discusses the new revisions of Title IX policies that federally-funded universities are currently implementing. Will JMU act and protect students against these harmful policies?

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We’re Back, Baby!

Hello all and welcome back to another semester of ShoutOut!  You didn’t think we were going to let a global pandemic stop us from bringing you the highest quality feminist discourse, did you? Sure, our collective may not be meeting face to face, but that won’t stop us from taking down the patriarchy one blog […]

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A Note to the Woman in My Life

To the women in my life…Thank you. Thank you for showing me what Strength looks like. Thank you for showing me what Intelligence looks like. Thank you for showing me what Courage looks like. Thank you for showing me what Brave looks like. Thank you for showing me what Confidence looks like. Thank you for […]

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2020 WNBA Virtual Draft

Since sports and the world have come to a screeching halt, it has been difficult to say when everything will return. Because of this, the NCAA basketball tournament was cancelled, otherwise known as March Madness, and the 2020 WNBA season has postponed their start. With major sporting events being cancelled and postponed, the future of […]

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The Ugly Side of Self Care

People think self care is always face masks or lighting fancy candles while you take a bubble bath. While theres nothing wrong with that and it can be all of those things, I’ve found self care to be a bit more ugly. Self care for everyone is different, but through this time in quarantine I’ve found that for me self care is reflecting.

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Loving From A Distance (Part 2)

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people all around the world have been recommended to quarantine themselves within the safety of their own home and practice social distancing. Though the compliance of these regulations are crucial for everyones safety and health conditions, many people forget how detrimental this can be for those who are involved in […]

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A Quick Check-In With Myself

Is it just me or does anyone else feel like as soon as COVID-19 took over, the rest of your life slowly crumbled right beneath your feet? I’m still trying to remain positive during this time of uncertainty and find the “silver-linings” of each moment I am granted, but shits hard. I feel like I am constantly going back and forth between the battles going on in my physical life, as well as those persisting through my mental state.

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Thee Angry Black Woman

The benefits that come with attending a “Predominantly White Institution” outweigh the costs or at least that is what I tell myself everyday when I wake up. However, sometimes it is hard to remember this when I am walking around campus or I am in class and I see very few people that look like […]

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