Why Black Women Can’t Always Save You: The Dangers of Georgia’s Voter Suppression Laws

Since the 2016 election, there has been this narrative constructed that Black women “save” elections and therefore “save” our country from tyranny and ruin. Even though the Democratic nominee did not win in the 2016 presidential election, we saw Black women turn-out in record numbers with over 90% of us voting for the Democratic candidate. […]

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New Policies Granting the Transgender community to serve in the Military

During Trumps time in office, there were some rules put in place that banned transgender people from serving in the Military. As of recent, the Pentagon announced a new policy to undo the rules under the Trump administration. The new policies will now provide service members a process in which they may transition gender while […]

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Finding an ally: Dr. Matthew Ezzell

If you find yourself at James Madison University, and happen by some chance to come across the Sociology Department, you may have the chance to meet Professor Matthew Ezzell. The Professor started his education at UNC-Chapel Hill and acquired his BA in Women’s Studies, continued as UNC-Chapel Hill and attained his Master’s and PhD in […]

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Menstruation is a biological process that has been stigmatized for centuries.  A taboo in most cultures, periods are something people prefer not to talk about, and are encouraged to keep quiet about.  My mother had her period, hell, I’m on mine now, and I’m sure my grandmother’s grandmother’s grandmother had her period too.  Almost all […]


Body Shaming is so Last Season

Ever since I was little, the “perfect” body type was everywhere. Whether you are walking around the mall or watching TV at home, Victoria Secret ads were unavoidable, flaunting these beautiful (size double 0, I might add) models in our faces. To add insult to injury, once a year we were subjected to the over-the-top […]

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Covid-19 and Women’s Mental Health

Although National Women’s history month has come to an end, we must not forget or neglect the present’s strong women. In today’s blog post, I would like to call to attention the pandemic’s lasting effects and how it has disproportionately affected women. This March marks an entire year since the start of the full-fledged quarantine, […]

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Waves of Feminism

The first and second waves of feminism both wave reached their ends before the beginning of the 21st century. And there has actually been much argument in feminist circles about whether or not there is a third, or even a fourth, wave. So, lets delve into what each of the waves represented and achieved. The […]

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Newsroom Roundup!

In Our Backyard (Local): The Rockingham County Board (RCB) started and expanded the “Virginia Teachers for Tomorrow” program. The Rockingham County Board is continuing this semester-long program for the high schoolers, but with a twist . This will now offer mentorships in addition to learning about how to be an effective teacher. This means that […]

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Transgender Day of Visibility

Today, March 31, 2021 is international Transgender Day of Visibility. All around the world, transgender and nonbinary people will be recognized today and it is our job as allies and advocates to show up and show them support. Today is an extremely important day, so let’s talk about it! With such an important day, it […]

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Newsroom Roundup!

Local: Digna Barhona, along with local Harrisonburg residents and immigrants Kamilo Rivera and Crimson Solano,  will be taking their turn on the D.C hunger strike between April 15th and 17th. They will be joining fellow immigrants on the lawns of D.C to work towards immigration reform to bring attention to the shortcomings of the TPS […]

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Atlanta: Gunned down

Recently, in the United States, there have been many acts of violence, and especially violence against those in the Asian community. These actions and events are not new to those within the Asian community or those who are POC (people of color), but ever since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and the term “Asian […]

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Our Heroes are Victims

When you think of nurses, you probably think of intelligent, brave, and selfless people who are on the frontline risking their lives to save others. Even though more men are entering the nursing profession, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 89% of nurses are female. But what if I told you that these […]

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Keke Palmer Event Recap

Pardon me while I fangirl a bit. But the “pulchritude” spelling, “I’m sorry to this man” saying, Millennial Queen Keke Palmer descended upon James Madison University via zoom. The Center for Multicultural Student services hosted Women’s History Month Speaker Keke Palmer on Mar. 17, 2021. And the gag is, Ms. Lauren Keyana Palmer dropped numerous […]

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Hairy Expectations

So, I had to do an analysis of an advertisement for one of my classes this week and I picked this ad: The Ad I like the colors, the representation and the message – that you don’t NEED to shave these parts of your body. I was also interested in analyzing how structures of power […]

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Newsroom Roundup

This past week in news:  Local:  On Thursday, Mary Baldwin University (MBU) responded to claims that one of their women’s basketball players used racial slurs during a January 30th game against William Peace University. In the MBU statement, ““During the investigation we carried out in conjunction with colleagues at WPU, our administrators carefully reviewed video […]

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Happy Women’s History Month from yours truly, JMU

James Madison has been honoring the celebratory month with a series of virtual events throughout March.  The first event on March 2nd, titled “Latina Leadership Experience” consisted of a women’s panel conversing on silencing gender, age, ethnicity, and cultural biases in leadership positions.  “D.E.E.P. Dialogue: Human Trafficking” followed the next day, where Impact Diversity Educators […]

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Arkansas’ new abortion law

The issue regarding abortions has been a huge controvery within recents years. Those who agree with the pro-life stance which opposes abortion and those who agree with the pro-choice stance which advocates for abortion rights and legalizing abortions have had an intense fued going on for years. Recently, more and more states have been banning […]

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Violence Against Women

The tragic and violent ending that Sarah Everard endured on March 3rd while walking home in South London was a sickening reminder of the violence that many women face and that many of us fear. Despite the abundance of precautions, she took in order to keep herself safe, her life was unfairly taken from her […]

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Recap on the History of Feminism

In honor of Women’s History Month, I thought it would be appropriate to highlight the most influential feminist movements leading to modern-day feminism in America. As a feminist myself, I think it is important to learn about the foundations of feminism and redefine what it means to be a feminist in the 21st century. The […]

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Not All Gynos are Feminists

Let us talk about the wide spectrum of opinions about the topic of birth control pills.  On one side, you have people viewing the pill as a way to choose what one woman chooses to do with their body. It could be looked at as a contraceptive, a way to regulate one’s period, a way […]

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Braids are in now- you’ll see them on anyone; white people, black people, hispanic people, etc. Wearing braids, especially in America, has because a topic of controversy. Braids seemed to come into mainstream fashion as white women began wearing them for magazine shoots and movies, but what about their cultural significance? It seems that people […]


News round-up

On February 28th of 2021, Dinwiddie County Board of Supervisors declared the honorees of the Hometown Heroes. The honorees of 2021 were Carolyn Smith and John Bonner. Smith and Bonner both lived in Dinwiddie County and they were applauded for their dedication to the community. The establishment of Hometown Heroes began in 2015 as a […]

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I write this post whilst listening to a song that she showed me, stealing glances at my phone to see the sweet messages she sends me, and attempting to ignore the butterflies in my stomach that she gives me.   Ella Fitzgerald’s voice ever so beautifully twirls around my head as I think of her,  This ideology, otherwise known as “binegativity,” (Klesse, 2011) is a cultural concept […]


Time to Rethink Postfeminist Pop Culture

The “standards” of beauty and our self-perceptions are heavily influenced by pop-culture itself. On screen, for many celebrities they have to meet high expectations but off screen is a different story for many celebrities. This blog will uncover the various ways the media has a direct and indirect influence on femininity and exploitation of women […]

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