The Taliban’s “Gentle” Approach to Women’s Rights

After Afghanistan fell under Taliban rule on August 15, 2021, women hid in their homes, fearing for their lives. The educated burned their diplomas, struck with the memories of the Taliban’s last takeover in 1996 when nearly all education was banned for women, enforced through obscene, fatal measures. Women were killed for attending co-education classes […]

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Individuality in a sea of “basic”

how sorority recruitment limits women’s uniqueness I am a woman in a sorority and i’ll be the first to say that contrary to popular belief, social sororities have more benefits than they do detriments (that is, in my experience). However, when the familiar recruitment season comes around, it seems as if sororities are less about […]

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Stop asian hate #intersectionality

This post will talk about why intersectionality is important and show you a recent event that relates to it. Growing up in a relatively diverse area I knew there was some existing prejudice against the minorities but I never experienced it. The area was somewhat of a bubble that hid me from the outside world. […]

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Newsroom roundup 9/13

Local News: In late May 2021, Cadet First Captain Kacey G. Meredith became the first female regimental commander at Virginia Military Institute. After her appointment was announced Kacey received a tremendous amount of hate. Especially on the social media platform, Jodel, an anonymous app similar to Yik Yak. In response, law firm Barnest and Thornburg […]

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Untamed: A must read

This blog is about why everyone should read the book Untamed by Glennon Doyle.  A quick background on the book: This book is written by Glennon Doyle and tells her story on how she “untamed” herself from the cages she remained in for the majority of her life that society puts women in. Her story […]

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Why popular podcast “call her daddy” is toxic

   If you’re a college aged student, I’m sure you have heard of the popular podcast, “Call Her Daddy”. If you’re not familiar, it is a podcast that is an affiliate of “Barstool Sports” and has accumulated a huge cult following over the past two years. The 27-year-old host, Alexandra Cooper uses the platform to share explicit and raunchy hookup stories, along with […]

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My Feminist Journey begins here

What is Feminism? What is a Feminist? Four weeks ago, if you would have asked me “What is feminism?” or “What is a feminst?” I wouldn’t have had an answer, or if I did manage to give you an answer, it sadly would have been an ignorant one.  Before taking this feminist blogging course, I […]

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Newsroom Roundup

We are @stillstanding99, @imabadwitch, and @thefeministsunflower, and this is your newsroom roundup of the week! Local News: After a townhall meeting and advice from legal counsel, Rockingham County Public Schools (RCPS) has made the decision to not adopt new inclusivity policies proposed by the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE). These policies were proposed in response […]

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World suicide prevention Day

  Today is World Suicide Prevention Day and I wanted to make this post to raise awareness. Suicide is the second leading cause of death for people between the ages ten and thirty-four[1], the impacts are wide reaching and yet this is hardly talked about. For these reasons, I believe it is extra important that we try to better understand underlying issues and work to destigmatize the topic. Furthermore, it is […]

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sorority= Toxicity

Why sorority culture is toxic From a former sorority girl For most girls, trying to fit in at college seems like a huge obstacle to overcome. Many women in college decide to rush sororities, greek organizations, in order to make new friends and bond with those of similar interests. Although being in a sorority may […]

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America, who do you care about?

The long list of people failed by the American government continues to grow even as we approach 2022. Refugees, African Americans, and women are a few out of the bunch. Although the first two listed deserve their own blog post; Texas has made the conversation impossible to ignore. Texas and its undying efforts to turn […]

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Real men watch chick flicks

MOVIE RECOMMENDATIONS FOR THE GIRLS: Bridesmaids, Legally Blonde, The Devil Wears Prada, Confessions of a Shopaholic, or any movie that has a majority female cast! And remember, NO BOYS ALLOWED! Men LOVE to fantasize about what they imagine to be a girls night in: red wine, silk pajamas, pillow fights, and, of course, chick flicks. […]

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The Hypocrites of America

Yesterday women in Afghanistan’s capital city of Kabul, rallied together outside of the Presidential Palace and demanded that their rights be respected. It has been twenty years since the Taliban has last been in power and these protestors want to ensure that the progress they have made is recognized and that Afghanistan does not revert […]

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We’re Back!

Same ShoutOut! JMU mission. Same ShoutOut! JMU vibes. A whole lotta’ new bloggers! Without further ado, let’s jump in and meet the new crew of bloggers who will be embracing intersectionality, fighting the patriarchy, and speaking truth to power! Drumroll please… @SinningAndWinning: Long-term feminist, short-term blogger. As a college student on a track towards law […]

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Pretty Privilege vs. Beauty Penalty

You may be hip to the notorious Tiktok trend, “Tell me you have pretty privilege…without telling me you have pretty privilege.” To which the prompt is stitched with a pretty face who boastfully tells a tale to a camera about how their attractiveness benefited them in a particular circumstance. I angrily reacted to how this […]

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April 24th

In the upcoming week of April 18-24, there was a lot of stir and discussion within the TikTok community within the United States. For the US, April is sexual assault awareness month, where there is a lot of discussion to aid those who have been impacted by any form of SA and bring awareness to […]

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Reflections of a Born-Again Feminist

Throughout this semester, the ShoutOut! cohort has discussed a multitude of topics; ranging from gun violence to sexual assault to white patriarchy and racism in feminist circles. When I first joined the ShoutOut cohort, I didn’t know what to expect. My first assumptions were “A feminism class? At a PWI (Predominately White Institution)? It’s giving […]

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Newsroom Roundup!

Local In Harrisonburg this past week, a virtual conference was held to promote the growing concern of gun violence in the country. The presenters in the conference are people whose lives have been directly impacted by gun violence. One of the main takeaways of this conference is encouraging people to speak up and voice their concerns […]

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A Campus Tour Through a Queer Lens

Disclaimer: I am a current tour guide here at JMU. I have spent the past two years trying to make our training more inclusive for our guides after reflecting on the centrality of privileged identities in our tours. But even after an overhaul, there is still work to be done.   It’s a sunny afternoon, the […]

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I think a lot of us are guilty of shopping on fast-fashion sites, and if we aren’t, I’m sure some of our friends are.  Sites like Boohoo, Romwe, Zaful, Fashion Nova, etc, operate on business models that offer insanely cheap trendy items, and turn over new items extremely fast.  Fashion Nova has said they offer […]


One Second… Let Me Call My Dad

            Just last week I ran into a problem that was a first for me. I was driving down the street in Harrisonburg and my “check engine” light came on which could mean anything! Nobody enjoys a trip to the mechanic, but it is especially hard for women. The thing is, this minor car issue […]

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Mental Health Disparities

Mental health is something that we all struggle with, and it is something that, as a society, we need to discuss. Particularly, we need to discuss mental health disparities among minorities. Racial/ethnic, sexual, and gender minorities often suffer from poor mental health outcomes due to many reasons, including, discrimination, harmful stigmas, and overall lack of […]

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The ongoing battle for Indigenous people

This Wednesday the JMU’s D.E.E.P Impact organization gave an informative presentation to educate on the history of oppression and violence Indigenous people in the United States have faced and still face today. The presentation covered many different topics including the history of Indigenous people in the U.S and the oppression and barriers they still face today. […]

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Can You Be a Faithful Feminist?

I have always been a little suspicious of religion, specifically Christianity/Catholicism. Not that I don’t respect those who follow religion (as long as they don’t use it to hurt others). In fact, I was raised Catholic, attend church occasionally, and live with three women who define themselves by their faith. As a member of the […]

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America’s Domestic Violence Crisis

One in four women are victims of domestic violence. Domestic violence can include physical, sexual, social, emotional, verbal, spiritual, and economic abuse where one partner tries to exert power and/or control over the other. Domestic violence can take many forms, including stalking, physical violence, sexual violence, and emotional abuse. To put this into perspective, nearly […]

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The Pitfalls of Graduation Culture

After ordering graduation announcements a few days ago, my mom hops on a call with me and exclaims, “you think these cards were made out of gold!”  This got me thinking – to participate in graduation, a student must shovel out even more cash to the university to engage in ‘graduation culture.’ Let’s take a […]

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Justice for Sudanese Women

Throughout my journey through feminism, I have heard about many different countries and how feminist in that country are handling the situations that have been thrown at them. However, interestingly enough, I have never (to the best of my memory) heard about feminism in Sudan. My best friend is from Sudan so the fact that […]

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Not all Gynos Can Be Trusted

Let us talk about the wide spectrum regarding marginalized health care in the United States. I feel like most people can find their gynecologist a comforting, sacred place in which they can confide most of their personal physical and emotional pains with. The first time I visited my gynecologist, the same lady who birthed me, made […]

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Why Black Women Can’t Always Save You: The Dangers of Georgia’s Voter Suppression Laws

Since the 2016 election, there has been this narrative constructed that Black women “save” elections and therefore “save” our country from tyranny and ruin. Even though the Democratic nominee did not win in the 2016 presidential election, we saw Black women turn-out in record numbers with over 90% of us voting for the Democratic candidate. […]

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Newsroom roundup

Local news:  For local news Staunton is the first in the state of Virginia to have the latest 911 technology. With a faster and more efficient system, its the extra seconds that could save a person’s life. The system is called next gen 911, they traded in their outdated system for a quicker,high tech system […]

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New Policies Granting the Transgender community to serve in the Military

During Trumps time in office, there were some rules put in place that banned transgender people from serving in the Military. As of recent, the Pentagon announced a new policy to undo the rules under the Trump administration. The new policies will now provide service members a process in which they may transition gender while […]

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Menstruation is a biological process that has been stigmatized for centuries.  A taboo in most cultures, periods are something people prefer not to talk about, and are encouraged to keep quiet about.  My mother had her period, hell, I’m on mine now, and I’m sure my grandmother’s grandmother’s grandmother had her period too.  Almost all […]