In our newsroom roundup on September 28, 2022, we talked through local, national and global news from a feminist viewpoint. This includes stories of the physical and verbal abuse happening to women on and off campus within the past week, Black Women’s Equal Pay Day and the pay disparities that black women specifically face in […]


Mental Health Care: A Feminist Issue

Most people would agree that the stigma regarding mental health has begun to abate thanks to public discussions of the matter. This is obviously great, as health problems should not be stigmatized, no matter the illness, and because it allows individuals to be honest about their mental health. This destigmatization has come in time with […]

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Going for a run is dangerous?

On September 2nd, 2022 Liza Fletcher set out for her daily early morning run on the University of Memphis campus. Liza was an avid runner and was training for the Boston marathon. However, she would not return home to her husband and children after her run that morning. At around 4:20 AM, Liza Fletcher was […]

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harrisonburg’s international festival: Through a feminist lens

Just over the weekend, downtown Harrisonburg, VA hosted its annual International Festival. Marking its 25th annual celebration, the International Festival is an outdoor, flea-market style event that invites people of the Harrisonburg community to a festival of food, handcrafted arts, and other goods made by people of various international origins within the community. Despite the […]

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Newsroom ROundup September 21

In our Newsroom Roundup on September 21st, 2022, we discussed local, national, and global news stories from a feminist perspective. This discussion included reviewing intersectionality in feminist conversations, the hurricane that devastated Puerto Rico, and the French Cycling Federation’s unequal use of funds. Local The student-run blog, Feminism is for Everyone, covers a wide variety […]

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Sit like a lady

No thank you. I am sure most of us have heard these terms numerous times. I asked important women in my life- my friends, mother, grandmothers, and cousins and they all admitted to being something like this throughout their life. Whether it was as a child or now, everyone seemed to have a similar experience. […]

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Fu** Society, I Love ME

“If I’m skinny then I’ll be beautiful” …… BULL SH*** YOU ALREADY ARE. The “perfect body image”, a toxic trend that is now a societal norm. Females deal with the daily pressure to have the “perfect body”: small, petite, and a size 0. Films playing a role in this toxic trend, showing little girls whether […]

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stop calling me a slut

Let’s talk about sex. You heard me. Let’s talk about it. More specifically, Iet’s talk about the shame and stigma surrounding women who like to have sex. What a wild concept, right? That a female, just like a testosterone-driven male, can want and enjoy “it”, too. In fact, there is beauty and power to a […]

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Gender REVEALS and the Harmful Binary

The gender reveals party community has completely engrossed our modern society. It has come down to the degree of environmental and physical harm. All this occurs for announcing a baby’s sex, not gender. Our culture is deeply entwined with the concept of gender because it determines treatment, assumes likes and dislikes, and highlights a societal […]

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NewsRoom Roundup September 14th, 2022

On September 14th, we discussed local, national, and global news from feminist standpoints. This included information about a local professor aiming to educate college students on the election process, a governor in South Carolina introducing a 15-week abortion ban, and a Saudi Arabian woman being prosecuted for tweets. Local: Professor Bobby G. Gentry of Bridgewater […]

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Swipe left or swipe right?

Tinder. The Mecca of college dating. When a college student swipes right on Tinder, what might be going through their heads? “Omg he’s so cute”, “I would love to fuck her”, or “Damn she’s fire”. College students instantly reveal their inner SLUT as soon as they open the app. Can you blame them though? Imagine […]

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Despite individuals with disabilities account for a large portion of the population, there is still a lack of advocacy and proper policies to accommodate these individuals. This is due to barriers many people with disabilities face such as fewer economic opportunities, higher poverty as well as access to necessary health resources. These barriers make it […]


Is jmu a feminist institution?

A look at the history of leadership at jmu Like me, I’m sure you’ve heard the joke “she went to college to get an MRS degree,” more than once. My experience at JMU has actually broadened my ideas as a feminist, so the concept of only going to college to meet a man seems foreign. […]

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Cancer. This word holds power before it’s a connection to a human being. Women with cancer. These words hold power, bias, and judgment as a result of gender. When I imagine a woman with cancer, I instantly feel the pain of breast cancer. The pink ribbons, pity, and a potential mastectomy. Many of us know […]


Finding your power in relationships

The word “codependency” refers to an individual being emotionally and/or psychologically reliant on their partner. These kinds of codependent relationships are more common than one would think and not every individual can realize they’re in one. As a feminist, the main focus is on finding individual power and being true to one’s self. This blog […]

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How do you appropriately start a JMU football game? Any guesses? The answer is an old-fashioned tailgate, a tent full of food, drinks, and A LOT of spirit wear. I have seriously never seen so much JMU gear in my entire life. Then, it was onto the next step; walking into the Bridgeforth stadium where […]


A Modern Rosie

Think of the word “soldier”. Your mind probably creates the image of a white man in uniform, armed, and ready to serve his country. Don’t worry, it’s not your fault you associate a masculine connotation with the word. What you picture has been depicted in photographs, textbooks, media, and has been accurate for most of […]

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Don’t call it a comeback…

BUT WE’RE BACK! Let’s send a HUGE ShoutOut! JMU welcome to our newest cohort of bloggers! griffynduke Hi everyone! I’m a junior History and Political Science major who is extremely excited to join the ShoutOut! JMU Community! While I know little about blogging, I am devoted to the idea that we need a more inclusive and […]

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“White washed” Black Woman

I’ve got to say growing up in the suburbs of Virginia Beach hits a little different when you’re considered “White washed” black woman. What does that word even mean? Urban dictionary describes whitewashed as a derogatory term used to describe a minority who has assimilated with western society. It can be used as a compliment […]

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Comprehensive Sex Education vs. Abstinence-only-until-marriage Programs

Because teen pregnancy and STD rates are so high in the United States, parents, policymakers, and educators all share a common interest in finding sex education programs that will lower these rates. Everyone has an opinion about sex education, myself included, but the state governors are the ones who must decide whether to apply for […]

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newsroom round-up

This past week has been quite eventful for the local community and the world as well. It seems steps to ensure public health are underway, ranging from human rights to disease control. First up in local news, the Biden administration petitioned to bring healthcare for pregnant women and their children under the Build Back Better […]

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Let’s Talk About Sex(uality)!

Hello everyone! Today I wanted to talk about sex… Sexuality that is. Sexuality has become a more mainstream topic after the Supreme Court case Obergefell v. Hodges that legalized same-sex marriage. I wanted to talk about my experience with sexuality, both in my personal and romantic life. This is just my personal experience with sexuality, […]

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proposed discriminatory bill in australia… what is it about?

On November 25th, 2021, Australia proposed a new bill that will essentially protect religious people from “cancel culture”, while discriminating against members of the LGBTQ+ community.  Prime Minister, Scott Morrison says that if the bill is passed then it will ensure that religious organizations and people will be protected to express their beliefs. This also […]

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What does cyberfeminism mean?

Cyberfeminism was coined in the 1990s by feminists who were interested in theorizing and critiquing the internet and new media technologies through a feminist lens.  Cyberfeminism is an approach that explores the relationships within cyberspace. The term came out of ‘third-wave‘ feminism, which followed the movements of the ‘second-wave’ feminism of the 1970s that focused […]

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The Social Butterfly Standard

I have always been told that I am outgoing and sociable; as a young lady “should” be. While I may be easy to talk to and outgoing, I am a strong introvert; for every hour of social activity, I need two hours by myself. I guess you could say I am an “extroverted introvert”, but […]

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The Gender Credibility Gap Represented Through The Treatment of Psychic Mediums

Time has always fascinated me. It started with me, an elementary school kid, watching videos online about time theories, eventually coming across the idea that the future has already occurred, that everything that has ever and will ever happen exists somewhere in space and time. This theory in particular stood out to me, and it […]

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