Almond Moms and Eating Disorders

Recently, the internet has coined a new term describing moms who push harmful notions of diet/exercise culture and force less than helpful eating advice onto their children — the “almond mom”.   Several TikTokers are utilizing this term and creating video skits depicting things a typical almond mom would say or do. As a self […]

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I Was A Taylor Swift Hater

While thinking about some of the most influential female artists of our time, names like Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, and Ariana Grande come to my mind. But along with their incredible careers and massive successes, I can’t help but think about their criticisms and animosity, mostly because I used to be one of those critics. Sadly, […]

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Making Sense of Feminism

Recently, a radical feminist who I’ve followed on Instagram posted her opinions on, as well as art of, JK Rowling. I was never a fan, so when I had heard about people ‘canceling’ Rowling in 2020 over tweets, I didn’t care to learn more about it. However, because this influencer was posting about Rowling, I […]

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Newsroom round up 1/31

Local News JMU’s “Holocaust-Centered” program is distasteful and non-inclusive. Two-dozen Jewish faculty, faculty emeriti, and staff from JMU intended to boycott “Holocaust-centered” lectures, according to an article published on January 26, 2023, by The Breeze. The event lacked support from the Jewish community as well as several others. The event, which we supposed to be […]

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We’re baaaaack!

Hey, friends! ShoutOut! JMU is back with a brand new cohort of bloggers and we can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on. In anticipation of the feminist brilliance about to be offered up on our blog, we’d like to welcome our new bunch of bloggers. appreciatingstillnessLife moves fast. Real fast. Yet, I […]

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Women in Power

My mom just recently got a new job offer after being with her previous employer for over thirty years. Switching companies and starting a new job at the start of a recession in our country was terrifying to her, but she was so excited for the opportunity of a lifetime to work her dream job.  […]

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Newsroom RoUNDup (11/30)

LOCAL NEWS: “GOVERNOR GLENN YOUNGKIN & HIS “POLITICALLY MOTIVATED” PLAN TO REMOVE ALL MENTIONS OF DR.MARTIN LUTHER KING JR, IN THE ELEMENTARY HISTORY CURRICULUM” The drafted plan was originally introduced in August 2022 and placed an emphasis on valuing Virginia’s history and fixing the curriculum to adhere to the “new” standards. The year 2015 was […]

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Womens Rightd around the world

It is sad to see that complete gender equality has not yet been accomplished anywhere across the globe. Growing up in America and learning about Women’s rights in places like Afghanistan and Iran has made me feel incredibly fortunate. Even though America is not perfect and has definitely not reached perfect gender equality, we are […]

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do you identify as a woman and are feeling anxious about entering the business arena? here are a few guidelines to help ease the transition:

Many of us senior students are approaching the transitional time of leaving school and entering a job or career. Personally, I wanted to touch on this topic because I am going through this transition right now as I approach my graduation date in December. Additionally, as I identify as a woman through this journey of […]

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Fear: holiday dinner

*Trigger warning for people that have suffered from an eating disorder* “It’s the most wonderful time of the year” well for some. Christmas dinner, a joyous event, eating delicious food surrounded by your loved ones. An event that most suffering from an eating disorder dread instead of look forward to. With a lack of control […]

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Are abortion rights an ENVIRONMENTaL issue?

The new pro-life argument in the abortion debate. Following the recent election results, the anti-abortion population has developed a new approach in their fight for pro-life. Interestingly enough, their new argument is based on the environment. Generally a democratic concern, these right-wingers are now showing “care” towards the environment. However, this newly professed concern for […]

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Ways to Feminize this Thanksgiving

Turkey, Cranberries, a heated political discussion, pumpkin pie…aahh all the staples of a classic Thanksgiving Dinner. A holiday a lot of us are now fortunate enough to know as a day of thanks, did not start off that way. Although I understand many are already familiar with the harsh realities of Thanksgiving, it is important […]

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“You Play Like a…”

Growing up, I was a dedicated tomboy. I loved soccer, video games, and Pokemon. Going into each recess I knew I had the choice to play sports with the boys or crafts with the girls. No matter what I chose, I knew I would be accepted into each group. This allowed me to find different […]

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LOCAL NEWS:  Harrisonburg High School students hold walkout in response to Gov. Younkin’s policies Repercussions of the policy concern students of Harrisonburg High School, stating that this action could create a potentially dangerous environment for school youth rooted in transphobia, seeking to harm trans and nonbinary youth. Teachers and school staff may forcibly “out” students […]

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There’s a new slang term going around calling mothers who fit the bill a “wine mom”. The term came to be recently as mothers have been posting more openly about their struggles with parenthood and being overworked in their every day lives. Some see her as a good time, even the life of the party. […]


How to thrive single life

Have you been asked by people why you’re still single? Or asked constantly if you’re dating or talking to someone? I have.  There is constant pressure for people to be dating or in a relationship, I know I’ve felt that pressure. While being in a relationship may be beneficial in some aspects, you don’t always […]

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Skinny Shaming And Body Image

Since being diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2017, which is a disease that causes my body to not be able to absorb gluten or the proper nutrients, I have always been on the underweight side. This has caused many issues throughout my everyday life, including developing an eating disorder, comments being made by everyone around […]

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Local news: Midterm elections were on November 8, 2022. Regarding the state of Virginia, there were record-high numbers in voting compared to midterm elections in previous years. Virginians had the option to vote early in person by Nov. 5. and could mail-in ballots postmarked by Nov. 8. 799,099 people in Virginia voted early. This value […]


“You’re a B****”

Have you ever been a called a b****? If you’re a girl or who has friends that are girls, you probably have heard the term thrown around here and there. But is being called a b**** really a bad thing? Yes, the word is considered an insult but it doesn’t always have to mean that. […]

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The first thing that happens when you are born is being assigned a “gender”. If you are born a male, the societal expectation is you will grow up to be a “masculine man” and vice versa for females. Yet for some people, it is not this simple because that is not how they wish to […]

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Going to the gym as a woman

Throughout high school, I was very active. I played both field hockey and lacrosse. When I got to JMU and decided not to join any sports, I wanted to continue my fitness, however, the University Recreation Center at JMU always had me wanting to draw away. I usually only worked out in training for the […]

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Do you need help with that?

I always find myself procrastinating the gym for a million reasons. I am too tired, I don’t feel well, and most importantly I don’t want to embarrass myself. I would love to learn how to lift weights and I know that many women including my friends love to life weights at the gym. I am […]

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The Hole is not the whole

An exploration into the concept of “Clitoracy” My roommate is a women and gender studies minor, so we often get into great discussions about the overlap of the things we learn in classes. Recently, she introduced me to a ted talk from a woman named Sophia Wallace about the concept of Clitoracy. This was a […]

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Vote: use your voice

The next general election in Harrisonburg, VA is coming up this November, 8th! As citizens of the United States, individuals are given the ability to vote for people that represent their ideals and needs in society. Although we are lucky to have this power, there is a damanging misconception individuals have about our democracy, that […]

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Down-There Care

It’s time for an update! The last time I heard about vaginal care was in a middle school classroom and consisted of awkwardly seeing a pad for the first time. If you’re like me, sex-ed left me confused, scared, and quite honestly kind-of grossed out. You would think that sex-ed would better prepare us for […]

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Newsroom Round up October 28th, 2022

For this weeks newsroom roundup we discussed the local news of an all woman staffed charity celebration, the national concern of voter ID laws for the upcoming election, and the global headline of Brittney Griner’s appeal being denied. All of these news stories were presented and discussed with a feminist lense, and hopefully this recap […]

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Street Harassment: A Problem That Needs Legal Regulation!

*Content Warning: The following blog contains content about street harassment that can be triggering for some. Have you ever had unwelcome comments, gestures, or acts directed at you by a stranger? I have many times.  This is street harassment. Street harassment means disrespectful, offensive, or threatening statements, gestures, or other conduct directed at an individual […]

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now more than ever… Vote!

As the divide between political parties increases, and the tensions of our current political climate become more dangerous, it is important now more than ever to participate and vote in local, state, and national elections. Next week on November 8, incumbent Elaine Luria or opponent Senator Jen Kiggans will be elected to serve in the […]

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For the purpose of this article, I anonymously surveyed 30 participants ranging in age from 18-25. All quotes used in this piece are from the anonymous survey.  As a child, Halloween was the most liberating and exciting night of the year. I simply was obsessed. Playing dress up was part of my everyday life as […]


Fat Stigma in Healthcare

There is a negative relationship between healthcare and women. You can take an intersectional approach to this topic and see how womanhood along with other identities can impact one’s relationship with doctors and healthcare. Identities and appearances can impact the quality of healthcare that one gets. Larger women are a group who experiences a negative […]

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Inclusive language matters

In a time where everything is very unstable and uncertain, so was my “struggle” with my sexuality. I quote the word struggle because internally, I never questioned or felt guilty about who I was attracted to, both physically and romantically. From the time I began to consider dating people, I always knew that I was […]

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