What it is, what’s up?

This week’s weekly update! Brought to you by Social Justice Solidarity and Poised in Pink: Hurricane Michael Hurricane Michael’s death toll is creeping up. Michael has been recorded as the #3 worst landfall pressure hit in recorded hurricane history. Discussion focused around the ways that the US is contributing to the increasing intensity of weather, […]

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#30 NCOD in 20GAYteen

Tons of rhetoric today about how “gay people are spreading” and how “everyone is gay”. Some of that rhetoric is homophobic: I don’t get this Transgender Bathroom Hysteria We’ve been sharing bathrooms for decades already with Trans why is it a problem now? — Unite & Resist (@mikeejoe) April 18, 2016 And some of it […]

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I’m done being “Too Nice”

I’m a kind person. I care a lot about the people in my life and often find myself bending over backward to help people out. Some might call me “nice”. What do you mean by “nice” you might say? Well here’s a textbook definition: Ok, you’re probably wondering what I mean by all of this. […]

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Are the trees racist?

Environmental racism isn’t what it sounds like. “Life Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” Last week, in fact, a whole week ago, @ferociousfem facilitated a dialogue about environmental racism. What’s environmental racism, and how is the environment relevant? Well, it’s not that simple. Environmental Racism:  refers to socially marginalized racial minority communities which are subjected to disproportionate […]

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Feminism on Wheels?

The first thing that probably pops up in your mind when you imagine women roller skating is a cliche 80’s movie montage. Yeah, I’m hearing the same Rick Astley song in the background. You’re probably picturing girls in colorful tube socks, skating in groups of two. Or maybe you’re thinking of girls in mini skirts, […]

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“The Birds and the Bees.”

Why is Christine Blasey Ford, a survivor, receiving the email hacking, the death threats and the back lash?  When all she did was speak her truth. And why are all of these men that did not know Brett Kavanaugh when he was 17-years old coming forward to speak on the behalf of him?

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I’m not your token Activist.

I’m not your bitch. I’m not your “homegirl”. I’m not your token queer. I’m not your activist friend who you can keep on the side as a comfort for good will. I’m not your blanket for self validation. I’m just not.   I’m a human. With feelings, thoughts. Words. I have WORDS sis and let me […]

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Fat Shaming Fashion Disaster?

Revolve clothing has recently come under scrutiny for their problematic launch of what was intended to be a body positive campaign involving several celebrities including Lena Dunham, and Paloma Elsesser. This was in collaboration with the clothing label LPA by Pia Arrobio. The campaign included the release of sweatshirts that feature “trolling” quotes directed at […]

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The Last Frontier of Child Labor

10. 14. 15. These numbers may not mean anything by themselves, but when they represent the ages of young girls being scouted for the intimidating world of high fashion modeling, they hold a deeper meaning. While modeling may seem harmless, with its image of women walking up and down runways or posing for pictures, it […]

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What is UP?

Each Tuesday, we’ll be letting you know what we’re talking about in intersectional, feminist current events; pop culture, music, politics, health care, global human welfare, food and agriculture, social media… you name it, we want to hear about it!
Did something happen this week that I didn’t touch on? Put it on our radar by commenting on my post!

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Bon Voyage… See you soon!

It’s official… we’re done for the semester! Thank you to our readers, bloggers, and supporters! A few things to look forward to for the fall… Next semester we’ll have our first ever social media director! This new position will cultivate a greater online presence for us, and we are so excited to see what she […]

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The New Feminist Wave… of Pornography

Erika Lust is an adult cinema director and writer out of Barcelona, Spain. She entered the film industry to kick misogynistic, hyper-masculine, heteronormative ass, and she’s doing just that. What are she, her films, and her brand known for? Representation of body types, races, genders, and other demographics Sex for female pleasure, from the female […]

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Men Explain Things to Me

The spring semester may be coming to a close but don’t worry the good ol’ feminist fight will continue on.  If you’re interested in reading more feminist dialogue, I HIGHLY recommend reading Men Explain Things to Me by Rebecca Solnit. The rest of the novel highlights how throughout a woman’s life they are taught to […]

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The Clothesline Project

Every year James Madison University hosts “The Clothesline Project” somewhere on campus. The event is put on to bring attention to how prevalent sexual assault is on college campuses as well as at home. I’ve been to the event a few times during my college career, but every year it hits home a little harder. […]

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Project Condom

Project Condom was hosted last week by JMU Feminist Collective. Full disclosure, I am an executive board member, but let me tell y’all what went down. To give some background: Project Condom is an event sponsored by One Condom where, like Project Runway, people have to make outfits as a challenge. This challenge is that […]

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Who is Karena Evans?

Here’s a fact: the world gets better when women thrive. When our mothers, sisters, and girl friends do well, society improves. When women get involved in male-dominated industries, things change— new perspectives are seen and women feel themselves being represented. The music industry has recently been representational of both males and females when it comes […]

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Feminist News

Another busy week kept you from the newsfeed? Don’t worry, I got you covered. Here’s what happened this week: [CN: violence, SA] Donald Trump is sending the National Guard to the Texas/Mexico border. He also wants immigration policy to change from “catch and release” to capture and detain. Great, now we’re holding people indefinitely because […]

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Five Easy Steps to Healing

A few weeks ago, I attended a Healing, Pleasure and Sex After Trauma workshop hosted by Sarah Brynn Holiday. I wanted to write a post about it, but I wasn’t entirely sure how to go about it. Should I stick to the usual layout and just describe the event and how it helped me think […]

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Women in Power

  As sort of a ~part 2~ to my last post, I’d like to dive deeper into women in positions of power. We all know the female boss stigma. She’s not a leader, she’s a bitch. She’s not smart, she’s a know-it-all. Let’s face it—women (and people of color) in leadership positions have always been […]

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ShoutOut Applications are HERE!

Calling all writers, advocates, and feminist leaders! ShoutOut is now accepting applications for next semester, Fall 2018! If you are interested in learning more about current feminist issues, polishing your online advocacy skills, or building up your writing portfolio then check out our application here. ShoutOut not only provides students at JMU with a wonderful platform to […]

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Casual Misogyny

Misogyny is defined by Merriam-Webster as “the hatred of women.” It comes in many different forms. When I think of misogyny, a plethora of things come to mind—most of them being loud, outward displays of sexism (I’m thinking when “preachers” come and stand on college campuses and shout about how women belong in the kitchen, […]

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Hot Takes From NYFLC

Every year, The National Young Feminist Leadership Conference gets better: more intersectionality, more interesting panels, more useful workshops. This year was definitely the best, and here are some of my favorite takeaways. First, I went to the Protecting Immigrants panel. Obviously, we need to recognize that for many people, especially trans and queer people, getting […]

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