Thee Culture Vultures

“The ability to take on and peel off the parts of Black culture that you like at will is exactly what is meant by the term “white privilege.” And while culture sharing is fine, white people have proven that they have a problem sharing. White people don’t share. They take over. They colonize. They claim […]

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Thee Good Hearted Woman

Does anyone else continue to see the good in people even when all they ever show you is the bad? Just me, oh okay. Sometimes I wish I was able to see through the bullsh*t in the beginning because it would save me from a lot of heartache in the end. It took me so […]

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“Amen” to no sex ed?

“But among you there must not be even a hint of sexual immorality, or of any kind of impurity, or of greed, because these are improper for God’s holy people”. (Ephesians 5:3)  Hello, and welcome to Catholic School, teaching kids the importance safe sex one day at a time.  I went to Catholic school for […]

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Will Roe v. Wade Hold Up Against Newest Conservative Supreme Court Justice?

Roe V. Wade. The case that has shaped abortion law in america since January 22, 1973. Before this case, women had to have doctors approval to get abortions, and in some states, like Texas, where this case originated, abortion was illegal unless the doctor thought it would save the woman’s life. Sarah R. Weddington argued […]

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Elliot Page Comes Out as Transgender: Sparks the Conversation on Proper Pronouns

Well known actor Elliot Page came out as transgender on his social media as of December 1st. Elliot currently stars in the hit show “Umbrella Academy” and received major fame from the film “Juno.” This brave announcement was released on their instagram and received feedback from almost 3 million people on the account. The letter […]

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Just Like Ma’s Cooking

The Matriarch and Family Traditions With the holidays approaching, I think it’s time we give our matriarchs their flowers (that are long overdue). The planning and gathering for the holidays are most likely dominated by the women. The kitchen holds no place for the patriarchy. The matriarch (which I will refer to from now on […]

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It’s Time to Pass By the Pink Tax

Have you ever been on your period and thought about what a luxury it is to have it? No? Me neither. So why is it that the products used to help us get through the monthly not-so-luxurious week are considered “luxury products”? It also goes far beyond just period products- body wash, razors, clothing. All […]

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Remember Who TF You Are

I have loved to write, read, and research since I was a little girl. I would spend hours contemplating career paths: botanist, doctor, artist, designer, and writer. My dreams were big and limitless and no one told me what I could or couldn’t achieve. My mom always encouraged me to pursue writing because of the […]

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Finding Myself Spiritually

Let’s talk about Witchcraft! This topic may be iffy for many people, but I think there needs to be more conversations about it. I think it is such an exciting concept. Unfortunately, I feel like different faiths and practices were never brought up in school. Therefore, many people like me are only exposed to the […]

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“Piss On The Floor” Mentality

Most of us who frequent tiktok know the audio that essentially says, “You have to start romanticizing your life… you have to start believing you’re the main character…” and so forth. I never really related to the audio and thought a lot of the toks folx were posting with the audio in the background were […]

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Thee Angry Black Woman

The benefits that come with attending a “Predominantly White Institution” outweigh the costs or at least that is what I tell myself everyday when I wake up. However, sometimes it is hard to remember this when I am walking around campus or I am in class and I see very few people that look like […]

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