Newsroom Roundup 3/22

LOCAL NEWS On March 6th, Irvo Otieno was killed by Henrico police officers and Central State Hospital employees during the hospital’s inpatient process. During a time of mental health distress, Otieno was met with aggression, criminality, and excessive force by officers and employees. Before being brought to the psychiatric institution, Otieno spent 3 days in […]

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The Truth about IUds

Like many other women, when I had my IUD inserted, I was not prepared for the extreme pain I was about to endure. The feeling was far more than the “slight pinch” my doctor claimed I would experience and was instead a blinding pain that encouraged a skew of curse words and tears. As more […]

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Taboo of Menstruation

Menstruation, the natural process by which a woman’s body sheds the lining of the uterus every month, has been subject to shame and stigma for centuries. The social stigma around menstruation has led to a lack of education, resources, and access to menstrual products for women worldwide. Down below I  will explore the roots of […]

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Masculinity and the digital takeover

masculinity noun mas·​cu·​lin·​i·​ty ˌma-skyə-ˈli-nə-tē  Synonyms of masculinity: the quality or nature of the male sex : the quality, state, or degree of being masculine or manly Merriam-Webster masculinE ADJECTIVE mas·​cu·​line ˈma-skyə-lən  Often defined as aggressive, strong, and unfeeling or stoic. Being masculine means in modern times, at least, no shows of emotion, no flamboyance, no hugging or even looking at other men, must be […]

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Pain & Prejudice

Pain. Excruciating pain. Unending pain. That is what Anushay Hossain felt for thirty-three hours while she was giving birth to her first child in 2011. According to The Washington Post, Hossain had received an epidural, a shot that provides anesthesia that numbs you from the waist down, and yet she could still feel every ounce […]

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Newsroom Roundup 3/7

local news On March 2nd, Congressman Ben Cline spoke about the reauthorization of the Debbie Smith Act. The Debbie Smith Act was passed in 2004, and distributes federal funds to law enforcement across the country to reduce backlogs of rape kits and DNA evidence from crime scenes to expedite the analyzation process of these pieces […]

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I remember when I was sixteen trying to put a tampon in for the first time the summer after I got my period. It just could not go up there for the life of me. I was getting worked up and on the verge of tears as my mom said we were leaving in a […]


The Happiest Place on Earth?

For most of us, Disney was an extremely large part of our childhood. As a young girl I was OBSESSED with all Disney princesses, Sleeping beauty, Ariel, Snow white, and Pocahontas. From ages 2-5 I genuinely don’t think I left the house without a costume dress and my plastic glitter heels. For years, Disney has been […]

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The Attack on drag shows

The highest heels, the biggest wigs, the most extravagant makeup, and of course, only the most exotic of outfits for the drag queens of America!! Drag shows have been traced back in America since the 1920’s and for over 100 years drag shows have been a form of expression for many. Expressing femininity through fashion, […]

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If Women Started Talking About Mental Health: Presented by Lauren Hackett

Content Warning: Eating Disorders On Monday, March 6th, I attended Lauren Hackett’s speech on campus regarding women’s mental health. This event was presented by Alpha Sigma Tau as a panhellenic point for sororities on JMU’s campus. Lauren went into depth about her own mental health struggles, her experiences with eating disorders, chronic illness, and the […]

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Domestic Violence, A WOMAN’S Problem?

Domestic violence affects many women throughout the United States, as well as the rest of the world. The United States’ culture has different expectations of men and women regarding domestic violence. The societal expectation of domestic violence is that a male partner is the aggressor and abuser toward the female partner. Not all instances of […]

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Behind The Scenes

The directors and screenwriters of the top ten grossing domestic films of 2022 portray a perfect example of the lack of diversity in media industries. When taking a closer look behind the scenes of these muti-million-dollar movies, it is clear to see a pattern of gender, race/ethnicity, and nationality of the people who run the […]

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Stay Out of office Trump!

I’m tired of arguing with people over why Trump is unfit to run a country and not someone to be idolizing or supporting. I’m not trying to argue that being a good person will make you a good president, but the person who runs our country should care about everyone within it. In November of […]

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Social Media Causes Eating Disorders

Social media use is growing every year. Teenagers average about nine hours of social media use every day. Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat are the main avenues teenagers use for posting and communication. Although social media is portrayed as a fun way to share pictures and communicate with your friends, instead it has created anxiety and […]

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Imagine this: The country you were born in, raised in, and started a family in is no longer safe. You scrape up everything you have to find a way out. After the treacherous journey, you and your family are finally able to set foot in a place of freedom. Or so they say.  What’s the […]

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postpartum Psychosis

This post was edited on March 21, 2023 by theartfemale TW: Blog talks about violence, child abuse, and mental illness. Recently you might have heard of a case where a mother was accused of strangling her three children and attempted to take her own life on January 24,2023. Her name is Lindsay Clancy. It is […]

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The Rise of Mommy Vlogs

Moms are so multifaceted. The ability to manage a steady job while also caring for a child full time is something only a mother can do. Mommy vloggers have become very popular on platforms like Youtube and TikTok. You might be wondering: What is a mommy vlogger? Basically, moms all over social media have started […]

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How to heal

On February 28th I attended an event at Grafton Stovall Theater on campus. Savannah Black Sigma Sigma Sigma’s philanthropy chair, opened up explaining that this was their 16th annual speak-out. This incredible event is put together each year to continue to honor Leslie George, who was a sister of Sigma Sigma Sigma (often referred to […]

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Lack of Diversity in Healthcare

The United States healthcare industry is forever growing and changing. It needs to be innovative and fast-paced to make advances within the workplace. There has to be a wide variety of perspectives and collaborating ideas as society continues to develop and transform. Yet, we are still seeing the same statistics of people dominating in the […]

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Newsroom Roundup 2/28

Local News Almost immediately upon taking office, Glen Youngkin signed into practice Executive Order 1 which prohibits the teaching of “inherently divisive concepts.” This past week, Youngkin asked the Education Secretariat to look over the new proposed AP course, AP African American Studies, to see if the course did in fact fall under this category. […]

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How Women Are Mistreated In Healthcare

Have you ever experienced gender bias by a healthcare provider? A survey conducted in 2019 showed that over 50 percent of women are concerned about gender discrimination within healthcare and consider it to be a very concerning issue. A lot of women feel mistreated or ignored in a healthcare environment because of their gender. It is important […]

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Teen’s TikTok Timer

This post was edited on March 20, 2023 by Cockapooluvr TikTok is an app that has become increasingly prevalent over the past few years and is largely responsible for many of the fads and celebrity figures that are relevant today. However, with TikTok’s rise to popularity also came negative attention in regard to the app’s […]

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women’s fight on pink tax

A couple days ago, I went shopping with my boyfriend since both of us were in need of our usual basic necessities. When we were checking out, I was shocked to see how much more I was spending than him. We each purchased one package of razors and a stick of deodorant of the same […]

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I’m Not Sorry

As a child, it was very important to my mom that my siblings and I have good manners. I’m very grateful she taught me them at a young age but as I got older I started to notice that I very frequently found myself saying sorry for EVERYTHING. I’m late, I’m sorry. I sneeze, I’m […]

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Climate Change: a Feminist Issue

This post was edited on March 22nd, 2023 by bubblebeez. When thinking about feminism, climate change isn’t usually one of the first things people think of. In fact, it likely isn’t thought of at all. Regardless of this, it’s a problem that requires the feminist perspective and attention, as it is increasingly getting worse. Acts […]

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Thank you, Former President

 “I can tell you without any equivocation that the number one abuse of human rights on Earth is, strangely, not addressed quite often, is the abuse of women and girls.” Jimmy Carter • TEDWomen 2015 When I heard the news last week that former US President Jimmy Carter had entered hospice care, I was surprised by all […]

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The Pink Tax and Poverty

As a menstruating cisgender woman, I can confidently say that I hate getting my period. It is simply just not a good time all around. It is not something I asked for, just a normal bodily function, so why am I taxed for something I cannot control?  The Pink Tax, although not an official government […]

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The gender pay gap between men and women comes as no surprise to citizens of America. Being a woman in America and other countries, means you will automatically make less money than a man who has the same credentials and occupation. One might ask themselves why? Why is there a gender pay gap between men […]


Kids? No Thanks, I’d Rather be a Dink

The term ‘dink’ (dual income no kids) has been circulating around social media and catching the attention of younger generations, however, this is not a new term. The acronym was actually coined in the 1980s during the rise of ‘yuppie’ culture and economic hardships brought on by The Great Recession contributed to this social trend […]

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Newsroom Roundup 2/21

Local News Gov. Youngkin wants to open the flow of information- about periods Petula Dvorak February 16, 2023 Democratic state lawmakers were trying to pass a legislation that was created in hopes to protect women menstrual calendars from authorities. The governor of Virginia, Glenn Youngkins administration claims that they are all about personal freedom, yet […]

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Navigating Self-Care & Growth

I often hear about self-care, love, and growth being discussed among my friends and on social media platforms like Tik Tok and Instagram. Although growing up I thought I understood what self-care and growth are, it rarely occurred to me what they actually looked like, or what it takes to grow. I often thought about […]

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Breaking Down and Understanding The JMU Land Acknowledgment Statement

In the Shenandoah valley, there has been a lot of chatter about the addition of the Indigenous Land and Enslaved People Acknowledgement Statement to university teachings and events. Most recently, the Rockingham County Public Schools (RCPS) started investigating an elementary school field trip to a dance performance at the Forbes Center for Performing Arts. Paula […]

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Eating Disorders: A Conversation Presented by University Recreation

TW: This post talks about eating disorders and body dysmorphia. On Wednesday, February 21st, I attended the Eating Disorder Awareness Panel presented by University Recreation. There were four panelists who had their own personal or career connections to JMU and our student body who addressed questions regarding eating disorders, body dysmorphia, social media, and much […]

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Women Can’t Run In the Dark

When I see a man running in the dark, I can’t help feeling a bit of jealousy. Yet, when I see a woman doing the same, I can’t help feeling nervous for her.  Every time I get in the car, I immediately lock the door no matter where I am. It is second nature, I […]

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Islamophobia harms muslim women

My older sister converted to Islam five years ago and started wearing a hijab. Growing up in a Protestant household, my sister didn’t know how our family would react. At first, some family members were confused— only because they knew nothing about Islam and felt she was going against the religion she grew up with. […]

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Oh, To Be A Woman

Oh, to be a woman Is to be told to wear the fancy dress, the pretty heels, the beautiful pearls Oh, to be a woman Is to be told your life will be filled with sparkles and rainbows and twirls Oh, to be a woman Is to be filled with joy, connection, and life Oh, […]

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Life Is Paw-Some When You Have A Dog

This post was edited on March 22 2023 by Purplepisces13 Many people in college struggle with mental health issues, over 60% of students are struggling with problems like depression and anxiety. One of the reasons this is so prevalent among college students is because they are in a new environment learning to balance their classes […]

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Newsroom round-up 02/14

LOCAL NEWS “The Abortion Battle on Virginia’s Border” Bristol is a twin town that is both in Tennessee and Virginia. Following Roe v. Wade, abortion is illegal in Tennessee, yet legal in Virginia. This article follows a story of a clinic right on the border of Tennessee who faced many obstacles moving into Virginia. The […]

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Too Little, Too Late

I was 10 years old the first time I felt it. The creeping sensation on the back of my neck, going lower and lower. I had no idea what it was. I turned and looked, but all I could see was the pavement behind me and a few strangers walking in the distance. I did […]

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Chappell Roan: Up and Coming Independent Queer Artist You Should Be Paying Attention To

Anyone who has listened to “Pink Pony Club” knows that Chappell Roan is the real deal regarding new, engaging, and fun pop music. Not only are Roan’s lyrics passionate and honest, but her pop production is also unique. Her stage name is inspired by her late grandfather, Dennis K. Chappell, and his favorite song, “The […]

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