Stop Joking About Mental Health

As someone who’s diagnosed with ADHD, it can be frustrating to hear phrases like “I feel so ADHD today” or “I’m going to need some Adderall to pass my finals this semester” from people who don’t actually deal with having ADHD. It’s something that has become normalized, especially in college culture, and I’m honestly not […]

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Skrrrrt! 6 easy ways you can cancel yourself.

Hey! Are you sure of your political views, but have been told you’re wrong? Are you tired of being told that you’re problematic? Have you been personally victimized for voicing your views in public because they actively harm other individuals? Are you “fiscally conservative” and “just really unsure why everything is so political nowadays?”    Then I have a post just […]

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What’s Going on in the News?!

  There has been a lot of things going on in the news and @vagibond and I are here to give you the latest scoop! 1) “Radical Gay Doctor” is the driving force behind NYC’s falling HIV Rate NYC has been known to be the center of the AIDS crisis, and Dr. Demetre Daskalaskis is […]

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Let’s Have a Conversation About Intimacy

In a society where people meet their significant others on dating apps, “Hook-Up Culture”  is prevalent amongst college-aged individuals, and the phrase “Let’s keep things casual” defines many relationships. Although I am a firm believer in people expressing their sexualities freely, I do think we need to acknowledge that not all people experience intimacy in […]

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TERF Turf Wars

Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists are one of the worst kinds of people out there. You’re not a feminist, so you’ve been canceled. Blocked. Deleted. …wait hold on SJS, what’s a TERF?   What’s a TERF? Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists. These are “feminists” who consistently choose to leave trans folks OUT of the conversation. Why? Because, well […]

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Is Charlie Brown Racist?

Why is it when racism is brought up non-people of color find ways to suggest racism does not exist, granted it might not be in America’s favorite childhood show, but it does exist and the narrative needs to be changed when it is brought up. 

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You Got Caught.

Sit back and relax, I’ve got a steaming cup of tea for y’all tonight.   Okay, so @thecacklingbitch wrote a post called “it’s about to get real” in reference to the various problematic costumes that were around the corner. This was published on 10/26/18, 5 days away from this disgrace… On October 31st, well…I’ll let […]

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Bra Wars

We’re talking about BOOBS! And the beautiful bodies they sit on. Yes, everyone has them but like bodies no two are the same. For me, my left boob is bigger than my right. TOTALLY NORMAL for anyone to have a bit of differentiation between the two. As everyone says they’re sisters not twins. However, companies […]

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Bye Bye Tampon Tax

On Tuesday, November 6th, we had two major intersectional feminist wins. Not only are there more than 100 women in the House of Representatives, but Nevada also became the tenth state to ditch the so-called “tampon tax” along with states like New York, Illinois, and Florida, and Washington D.C. Now that’s what I call a step […]

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The Future is Women

Record numbers of women are running to be in the House of Representatives in this election. Will we finally see equal representation in our government systems for men and women? We will soon find out!

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No ma’am, no ham, no turkey.

It’s the day after Halloween! Time for THANKSGIVING. HERE FOR THE FOOD AND FAMILY (mainly food). Ahhh. Thanksgiving. Some people’s favorite holiday. “Turkey Day” as they call it. Full of food, full of thanks; a neutral holiday. …Or is it? Thanksgiving: a small history If you are from the US, the story generally goes something […]

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It’s about to get real

It’s that time of year again folks, Halloween.  I’m sure you’re all gathering ideas trying to figure out what to do for your Halloween parties.  Let’s be honest, Halloween is my favorite time of year.  Who doesn’t love free candy? But do you know what I don’t like, yet see every year? People dressing up […]

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The Real Tea on Organic Tampons

In the past year or so, there has been increased dialogue on what is better: traditional or organic tampons? The big argument is that traditional tampons contain some suspect substances, like chlorine and pesticides used for the cotton production. The most popular argument is that the vagina is the most absorbent part of the body, […]

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Advocacy Vs. Activism Vs. Allyship

What’s the difference? Why do some people identify as one, all of them, or none of them? Trump’s recent attack on the trans community has us all frustrated, hurt, and angry. Let’s turn that into a productive mindset. Today, we’re going to talk about the ways these labels differ, and how YOU can leave this […]

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Save Lives, Not Boobies

As I’m sure many of you know, Breast Cancer Awareness Month is currently in full swing. It’s that time of the year when we are encouraged to don our finest pink garments, slap pink ribbons on our bags, and donate money to organizations such as Susan G. Komen and Relay for Life. I’m about to […]

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What it is, what’s up?

This week’s weekly update! Brought to you by Social Justice Solidarity and Poised in Pink: Hurricane Michael Hurricane Michael’s death toll is creeping up. Michael has been recorded as the #3 worst landfall pressure hit in recorded hurricane history. Discussion focused around the ways that the US is contributing to the increasing intensity of weather, […]

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#30 NCOD in 20GAYteen

Tons of rhetoric today about how “gay people are spreading” and how “everyone is gay”. Some of that rhetoric is homophobic: I don’t get this Transgender Bathroom Hysteria We’ve been sharing bathrooms for decades already with Trans why is it a problem now? — Unite & Resist (@mikeejoe) April 18, 2016 And some of it […]

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