Bringing Awarness

Hello everyone! I hope you all are having a great week! I thought I’d take a break in my three-part series to talk about something else! I wanted to bring up something significant to me and to make aware of all the women out there too!

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Self Love is Not Selfish!

Ah yes, it’s finally that time of the year again. Love is inevitably in the air, as Valentine’s Day has made its way back around. Whether you have a hot date tonight or you are just waiting for all of the Valentine’s candy to go on sale, don’t fret, I have a few tips on how to celebrate today without forgetting to show yourself a little bit of love.

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First Gen Part 2

Hi everyone! I hope you all are having a great week. So, this is part two of my three-part series. In this post, I will be talking about what it’s like living in two different worlds.

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A Goodbye to "The Good Place"

“The Good Place” was a major success for NBC, which follows four humans as they go through phases of the afterlife. This feminist, philosophical show explores topics touching and hilarious, and was a bright spot on Thursday nights. This is what the show meant to me.

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In light of the recent tragedy that rocked the entire sports world, people paid their respects to the late great Kobe Bryant in many ways. Whether it was NBA athletes taking 24 second and 8 second violations at the beginning of games or fans posting on social media their favorite Mamba moments. My personal favorite […]

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Girlfriend got your tongue?! THE NEWS

ShoutOut! Bloggers are slowly but surely getting back in the swing of things, and we welcomed in the first week of February with a collaborative Newsroom. Our bloggers ran the gamut of topics — everything from Superbowl Halftime Herstorical Moments to biting some dude’s tongue off when he doesn’t get that consent is revocable… Keep reading and find out what ShoutOut 2020 is talking about this week!

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The Memoir Every Gender Should Read

While my love of reading for pleasure may make it plausible for me to read during school, I understand that college students already have a plethora of information dumped on them, and may not have the energy nor time to read an entire memoir. However, this book, Sissy: A Coming of-Gender Story, has been transformational […]

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First Gen

Hi everyone! I’ll be doing a three-part series on what it’s like to be a first-generation Hispanic college student. I’m writing this in hopes that other young women like me will read this and see that they’re not alone.Both my parents came to the U.S. in their early 20’s in search of a better life. […]

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Go ShoutOut, It's Your Birthday!

Well, here we are! Another semester, another year of bada$$ people coming together to smash the thing we know as patriarchy. Also, it’s our 10th Anniversary!!!! Happy Birthday to Shoutout! This year we have some AMAZING bloggers coming your way. They come from many different backgrounds, experiences, and in general, they are just some awesome […]

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Thank You for a Great Semester!

Thank you to all of our readers this semester! We definitely had a wonderful group of bloggers who touched on a wide variety of topics and wrote about them through a feminist lens. From virginity to transphobia to male feminism to injustices in healthcare, our bloggers reached new heights with the wide range of topics […]

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Home Again

  The time has come. FINALS. ARE. OVER.  Now, we return to our human bodies rather than the robotic mindless ones we have been in for two weeks. We change out of the same sweatpants we have been wearing for the entire week of finals. We wash the 6 day old buildup of dry shampoo […]

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Not Enough Women at the Table

The 19thAmendment to the Constitution of the United States allowed women the right to vote in 1920. It is 100 years later, and we are only now seeing a rise in women represented in politics. But sadly, we are still extremely underrepresented. For years, women have endured a concerning struggle to reach a concrete level of […]

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Sexism in Science

It is not new information that women experience sexism in the science field. For many, this is “normal” and there cannot be change until there are more women in the field, right? However, no one seems to be talking about the experiences women in the science field have to deal with on a daily basis […]

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How to be a Male Feminist

Hey fellas. So, if you are like me and you believe in equality then you, too, are a feminist! I know right, kind of a crazy concept but it’s true. Now I will admit that in order to be an effective feminist, there is just a bit more you need to do. With my final […]

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To-DO List

To all the “should and shouldn’t haves” I’ve received and all the things I wish I had said… “You should have covered up more” “You shouldn’t get turned on by my knee caps and shoulder blades”   “You shouldn’t have drank so much” “You shouldn’t want to fuck an unconscious body”   “You should have […]

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Feminism and Capitalism Can’t Coexist

Feminism and Capitalism Can’t Coexist It’s a corporate trend you see often, companies bringing social justice and advocacy into their marketing platforms. During pride month you see companies like Amazon constantly plastering the rainbow flag all over social media, billboards, and advertisements. Clothing companies like Aerie make body positivity a large part of their advertising […]

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Living with ADHD

I can’t concentrate  My mind hanging on by a thread   I can’t even think straight    My thoughts won’t cooperate  Like racing wildfires, they’re so widespread  I can’t concentrate     Am I gaining weight again?  Another diet has been misled   I can’t even think straight     Wait — What was I thinking about again?  I […]

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The Greatest Hoax of ALL

The Greatest Hoax of ALL It’s a 300-billion-dollar industry and it’s growing year over year It’s the greatest hoax on women kind spanning earths hemispheres It’s the most extensive marketing scheme packaged with a glittering ribbon It’s number one target of attack, victim, casualty?….WOMEN. https://giphy.com/gifs/cbc-funny-comedy-l1J9zYIsjPAyojfri The wedding industry capitalizes on the dream of “and they […]

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Bisexuality: Stigmatized not Accepted

Unfortunately, we live in a society filled with exclusivity and unacceptance. We judge people before really getting to know them and we are uncomfortable by certain things that are not considered the “norm.” This forces me to ask myself, ‘What is normal, anyway?’ BORING. “Normal” is boring. GIF Link Bisexuality is characterized by society as […]

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I Needed To Write This.

Our whole lives we have had to follow a rubric whether its in education or in our everyday lives. We were taught how to act, how to fit in, how to get an A, how to think; leaving little room to be you. I catch myself always asking myself who I am? Yes, I have […]

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Unfamiliar Cultures: The Feminine Side of Drumline & Masculine Side of Color Guard

For those of you reading who are not involved with music, specifically the marching arts, I would like to enlighten you on some of the specific section cultures. In the marching arts world, two sections stick out when it comes to gender equality, or lack thereof. Those would be the drumline and the color guard. […]

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