Why I Dream of Africa

Authors Note: This blog contains images of non-sexualized nudity, nonetheless, they may not be appropriate for some. I have smart friends. Well, mostly. I also have a friend who once texted an entire party that she was “lost on the corner of Paul and Ott Street,” only three blocks away from my house where she had […]

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(Sort of) Totally Awesome Women: Trust Me, This is Worth Reading

As any policy debater would be doing the wee hours of the morning before a tournament (insert lame, self-deprecating joke here), I recently found myself watching YouTube videos of Slavoj Zizek’s musings.  Zizkek’s comments from this Q & A segment, particularly on polyamory and psychopaths, were entertaining as hell, but I found myself getting distracted […]

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Feminist Roots: Know Your Own

I don’t remember when I became a feminist. Is that weird? I feel like it should be. I talk to other people about when they became aware of feminism or when they realized that they were one, and everybody seems to have this exact, precise moment in which their entire perception of the world was […]

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Film Screening: The Invisible War

Can you imagine working in an environment where rape was categorized as an “occupational hazard?” Being trapped in a remote location where your phone calls were screened and the only person you could report your assault to was the perpetrator himself? What if there were no police to capture your assailant and no judge to convict him? Would you […]

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Because Personal IS Political

For a variety of reasons, I’ve been thinking a lot about body image lately. Especially how it impacts my daily life. And then I came across this article, arguing that exposing your personal life, your vulnerabilities, can be a feminist act. That there is empowerment to be found when women share their stories. So here’s […]

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A Site of Their Own

I’m an avid sports fan, particularly when it comes to the NFL. Like most other fans, I frequent both watching and browsing ESPN. Recently, I stumbled upon an interesting offshoot of ESPN.com—ESPN W. Yes, tucked away at the far right of the browsing bar of ESPN.com is the link to ESPN Women.

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