It’s that time of year…

For shameless self-promotion! So dear readers, you may want to know some of the wonderous ways you can flex your feminist activist muscles on campus with like-minded people. You may wonder how we got this gig at the blog! You too can be a blogger! Or you could look into contributing or working on JMU’s feminist zine Sister […]

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A Feminist Guide to the Holidays

Alright guys, you know the drill.  It happens in almost every household from sea to shining sea: You’ve eaten the turkey, you’ve polished off the last your mashed potatoes (and your brother’s, too…), so you bring your dishes to your mom/aunt/grandma/other-well-established-female-family-member in the kitchen as all the men sit on the couch and watch the […]

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Hope everyone was having an amazing holiday! This post was supposed to go out yesterday, however, my family celebrates Thanksgiving on Wednesday instead of Thursday (long story) so I just totally forgot. SORRY READERS! Anywho, in my hometown of York, Pennsylvania the one big club that we have is a gay club called XS. I […]

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Hey, Man! Lay Off My Junk!

Okay, everyone, so I’m sure you’ve heard about the new TSA regulations at many U.S. airports that require passengers to go through a full-body scan. Well, if you haven’t, here’s a photo of the type of image that the scanner creates for TSA officials:       Now, for those passengers who find the scanners […]

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Screw the Pope, but don’t forget your condoms (especially if you’re a male prostitute)

In the interest of full disclosure, and so my bias seems a little more warranted, I’d first like to say that I was raised Catholic. My mom’s family is Catholic, my dad’s family is Catholic, my grandma is probably the most terrifyingly Catholic person I have ever met. She could out-Catholic the Pope himself (who, […]

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