Dragged through the Coals

Drag. It is a form of expression that has helped people explore themselves and their identities for years. This form of self-expression has existed since at least the 1870’s, and possibly even longer. There has been a long history of Drag existing and shaping the world. However, recently, there have been many bills that have […]

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Is Religion Against Women?

Is there a division between feminism and religion? In most religions there seems to be a patriarchal system that places men in positions of power. Women are not often seen in leadership and sometimes do not even have the same religious rights that men do. The exclusion of feminism in religion happens all over the […]

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The Rise of Mommy Vlogs

Moms are so multifaceted. The ability to manage a steady job while also caring for a child full time is something only a mother can do. Mommy vloggers have become very popular on platforms like Youtube and TikTok. You might be wondering: What is a mommy vlogger? Basically, moms all over social media have started […]

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Use your head.

I’m not going to lie to you guys. As a woman, I love receiving head. Or oral sex, if you want to get scientific. It is amazing… when done right. However, I actually did not know what it truly was until I was about seventeen or eighteen. Oh sure, I knew what oral sex for […]

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do you identify as a woman and are feeling anxious about entering the business arena? here are a few guidelines to help ease the transition:

Many of us senior students are approaching the transitional time of leaving school and entering a job or career. Personally, I wanted to touch on this topic because I am going through this transition right now as I approach my graduation date in December. Additionally, as I identify as a woman through this journey of […]

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LOCAL NEWS:  Harrisonburg High School students hold walkout in response to Gov. Younkin’s policies Repercussions of the policy concern students of Harrisonburg High School, stating that this action could create a potentially dangerous environment for school youth rooted in transphobia, seeking to harm trans and nonbinary youth. Teachers and school staff may forcibly “out” students […]

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How to thrive single life

Have you been asked by people why you’re still single? Or asked constantly if you’re dating or talking to someone? I have.  There is constant pressure for people to be dating or in a relationship, I know I’ve felt that pressure. While being in a relationship may be beneficial in some aspects, you don’t always […]

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