NIKE: Can women do it?

I saw this video over the weekend while I was watching television, and it spoke a lot to me. I think that women are undermined in many ways for their athletic abilities. Being a girl who grew up loving and interacting through sports, I love when I see a company as large as NIKE sticking […]

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Becoming a Bro

Bro status: a position bestowed only upon the worthy.  A moniker given to the female that has successfully infiltrated the male camp.  But, what does it mean to become a bro?  I know when my roommates gave me the title that it’s supposed to be a compliment, but it’s hard to get past the slight […]

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Sociological Enlightenment and My Path to Feminism

Enlightenment within the Buddhist philosophy is defined as “attainment of spiritual knowledge or insight which frees a person from the cycle of rebirth.”  Isn’t that just beautiful?  Looking at enlightenment from this perspective truly makes me believe that, through sociological mindfulness and feminist thought, there is a possibility of dismantling all the forms of social […]

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