NIKE: Can women do it?

I saw this video over the weekend while I was watching television, and it spoke a lot to me. I think that women are undermined in many ways for their athletic abilities. Being a girl who grew up loving and interacting through sports, I love when I see a company as large as NIKE sticking […]

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Becoming a Bro

Bro status: a position bestowed only upon the worthy.  A moniker given to the female that has successfully infiltrated the male camp.  But, what does it mean to become a bro?  I know when my roommates gave me the title that it’s supposed to be a compliment, but it’s hard to get past the slight […]

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Sociological Enlightenment and My Path to Feminism

Enlightenment within the Buddhist philosophy is defined as “attainment of spiritual knowledge or insight which frees a person from the cycle of rebirth.”  Isn’t that just beautiful?  Looking at enlightenment from this perspective truly makes me believe that, through sociological mindfulness and feminist thought, there is a possibility of dismantling all the forms of social […]

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Links Round-Up

This week at ShoutOut!: shieldkt saw this on fbomb blog. This caught my attention because she thought it was so insane that somewhere else in the world is having worse trouble with eating disorders then the US. devystation says that  Beyonce can get away with ALMOST anything…. ElFeminissto found this post on Secretary of Defense’s […]

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Welcome Back!

The bloggers of Shout Out! would like to welcome our readers back after winter break! It’s a new year, which marks the beginning of a new blogging semester at Shout Out! Regular posting will begin this Monday, January 28th. Every passing semester brings new evolution to our blog. This session, we would like to welcome […]

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