Leslie George Speak Out

I attended Sigma Sigma Sigma’s Annual Leslie George Speak Out on February 28rd. This is my second year in a row attending the event. Every year, in February, Tri Sigma hosts the annual Leslie George Speak Out to raise awareness on eating disorders. Leslie George is a sister of Tri Sigma who tragically lost her […]

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Sexual Assault & Harassment At Universities

Sexual assault and sexual harassment are terms known all too well to women, and specifically women attending college universities. Individuals most at risk for sexual harassment or assault on college campuses are females, transgenders, and non-gender conforming individuals. Around 36 percent of undergraduate and graduate female students experience nonconsensual sexual contact and 37 percent of […]

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The Pink Tax and Poverty

As a menstruating cisgender woman, I can confidently say that I hate getting my period. It is simply just not a good time all around. It is not something I asked for, just a normal bodily function, so why am I taxed for something I cannot control?  The Pink Tax, although not an official government […]

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We’re baaaaack!

Hey, friends! ShoutOut! JMU is back with a brand new cohort of bloggers and we can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on. In anticipation of the feminist brilliance about to be offered up on our blog, we’d like to welcome our new bunch of bloggers. appreciatingstillnessLife moves fast. Real fast. Yet, I […]

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Newsroom roundup October 21, 2022

Welcome to this week’s Newsroom roundup! This week we discussed local, national, and global news. We discussed a shooting in Harrisonburg, VA, Tina Kotek running to be the first lesbian governor, and the fight to stop street harassment. We discuss these three topics from a feminist view. Hope you all enjoy it! LOCAL NEWS This […]

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An Interview with dr. alemán

I got the opportunity to speak with a faculty member right here at James Madison University. I had the pleasure of meeting with Dr. Melissa Alemán and was able to get an inside scoop on various feminist topics. Here I will present some of our questions and answers and have linked her JMU faculty page […]

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harrisonburg’s international festival: Through a feminist lens

Just over the weekend, downtown Harrisonburg, VA hosted its annual International Festival. Marking its 25th annual celebration, the International Festival is an outdoor, flea-market style event that invites people of the Harrisonburg community to a festival of food, handcrafted arts, and other goods made by people of various international origins within the community. Despite the […]

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