In Celebration of Black History Month

As February comes to an end, I find myself reflecting on the evolving and crucial role that Black History Month continues to play in America. The month kicked off with Clueless star, Stacey Dash, proclaiming that “there shouldn’t be a Black History Month.” This statement, in combination with the disproportionate amount of backlash that Beyoncé has received, […]

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Your Weekly Dose

Hello ShoutOuters! It’s time for your weekly dose of Feminist news (in case you missed out on some). Here we go! #FreeKesha This hashtag blew up the Internet, and rightly so. Popstar Kesha was denied the right to record songs outside of her contract with Sony during the suit she filed against her producer Dr.Luke, […]

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Biblical Feminism Part 2

If you haven’t read part 1 click here. This will not make sense if you haven’t read it! Quick disclaimer: I hold these beliefs but in no way am forcing them on the reader. My desire is to express what I believe and provide clarity to any intrigued mind concerning feminism and the Bible. We […]

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Trusting in the Unknown

I’m a second semester senior. I’m a second semester senior who doesn’t understand how she can get a job that “requires” 5+ years of experience when she knows she could do it right now. I’m a second semester senior that realizes internships are great, but internships don’t pay the bills because internships are unpaid (unless […]

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